How often do we make life more complicated than it needs to be. Look at humanity, we split atoms to create heat, to boil water, to create steam, to turn turbines, that create electricity. A fairly complex task, with lasting ramifications. We do all of this while the sun rises every morning, shining its powerful light and energy to warm our planet.


Are there times when we complicate our lives more than necessary? How often do we seek clarity direct from the source that will help us understand the full story? Communication is critical to our survival as a species. Scale this down, and communication is critical to our true happiness. Yet why do we complicate communicating with others as much as we do? Have our lives become so full that a conversation with another person is becoming a thing of the past? How does that thought make you feel?


With these thoughts in  mind a conversation with my Inner Voice may add clarity to the subject of communication. My questions will be in italics for clarity.



Why do we complicate communicating as much as we do?


The world today is a place of constant stimulation, TV, the internet, emails, texts. A constant bombardment of information, a never-ending source of stimulation. This stream of stimuli disrupts the flow of energy within the human body. It causes you to focus on the information and not on anything else. This stimulation can become addicting. As with any addiction this takes focus away from life in the present moment, and the people in that moment.


Communication is challenging because conversations now center around the events of the outside world. More time is spent reviewing what is happening than connecting with those in your life, those you love. It is here where people will begin to feel isolated from one and another.


How do we shift this back to connecting with the people in our lives?


At the end of the day all that is truly real is the relationships people have with others. The outside world is, and will always be changing, whether you focus on it or not. Maintaining a relationship with the people in your life is more important that the evening news. The news, emails, and texts, may be never ending but life in the physical form is finite. Which do you choose, and how does this choice make you feel? To connect with the people in your life, learn to refocus your attention toward the people who truly make a difference in your life.


Yes, but people want to be informed.


How would you feel if you were seeking comfort from a loved one, or parent, and you were pushed aside because an email came in, or a news story just broke? That opportunity to reach out may never happen again.


In the world today there is much uncertainty. If someone is asking for comfort and they are ignored there may never be another chance to connect with them. Communication is critical to alleviate any internal stress a person may be experiencing. Ignoring someone in need because of something on the internet is more important can do irreparable harm to them and the relationship.


How do we resolve this?


When words are spoken to others, the intention of these words is felt on a deep personal level. To speak with love, kindness and consideration is the greatest gift you can give another person. To communicate with another person is to silence the noise of the outside world, and focus on the words that are being shared.


What if there is disagreement in these conversations?


There will be clarity in the conversation that no electronic device can relay. In a personal conversation nothing is lost in the translation, a full understanding can be achieved, even if there is disagreement.


Any final thoughts on ,making conversations less complicated?


Often people react in conversations, they speak before a full thought can be expressed. If people were to listen, and focus on what is being said, then think before they speak, conversations will be more productive as each person will feel as if they are being heard.



I had a friend who taught me that if I didn’t understand his point always ask the question for a better understanding. What do you think? Leave a question or a comment, I’m always open to exploring the conversation further for more clarity.


Every week I send a conversation with my Inner Voice via email. This week we discuss the root of our behavior. Here is an excerpt.


Is it important to discover the root of our behavior?


If you are seeking to live your best life possible, and this desire appears to fall short, then looking within oneself for the cause will be a benefit to fulfilling your desire. The behavior you show to the world will shape your world. If you are experiencing a positive, love filled life, then the root of who you are is positive and loving. Self-examination can cause some discomfort, yet this is the only way to discover the cause of a life that is less than the way you want it.


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Peace and Well-Being



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