The Door of Opportunity


When I was a young carpenter, I never missed an opportunity to do the complicated work. I knew this opportunity would lead to higher wages, and more independence from the rest of the crew. Yet I was surprised when other carpenters wouldn’t jump at the chance to better their skills.

There is always a risk of failure when new opportunities arise, but there is also the chance to move on to a better way of life. Do we courageously walk through the door of opportunity, or do we hesitate because we are unsure of ourselves and the possibility of an uncertain outcome? If we trusted ourselves would we take advantage of every opportunity that comes along? Or do we judge ourselves as incapable, and choose to ignore the opportunity?

How do we distinguish between an opportunity and a distraction? With these questions in mind I’ll seek the wisdom of my Inner Voice for clarity. My questions will be in italics.


Why do some people have the courage to walk through the door of opportunity while others do not?


Often the door of opportunity is disguised as work, or an emotional challenge. There is always the potential for failure when one walks through the door. Not all people have the courage to see an opportunity as a chance to move forward in life. It may be easier to stay in a place of comfort than to challenge oneself with an uncertain opportunity.


We often think of opportunities as big life changing moments. Are all opportunities this way?


An opportunity can be life changing no matter how large or small it may appear. If a person extends a hand in kindness, this is an opportunity. But if the hand is viewed through the eyes of anger then it may be a struggle to reach up to the extended hand. This could be a missed opportunity for unity, but it may be missed because anger clouds one’s judgement. Some opportunities may be groundbreaking, while others may not, either way there will be lessons within each opportunity. It is up to each person to recognize the lesson in the opportunity.


Someone once said to me, “give yourself every opportunity to succeed.” How does this fit into this conversation?


Many people do not understand that the outcome of their lives is their responsibility. There may be outside circumstances that limit their possibilities, but opportunities will still be presented to them. The key is to recognize these opportunities, and take advantage of them when they arise in one’s life. Giving oneself every opportunity to succeed is trusting that if the opportunity presents itself, it is meant to be in your life. An opportunity is an extended hand that will help you move in a better, healthier direction. It then becomes a choice to accept this hand or not, a choice that will affect the way life unfolds.


The opportunity may have many unseen possibilities that may frighten us. It may be easier to decline the opportunity than to fail, or end up in a painful situation. How do we handle this?


Think of an opportunity as a chance for positive growth. If you take the opportunity and succeed, then you will grow in confidence. If you fail at the opportunity, you will learn from the experience, and grow emotionally because of it. No matter what the outcome there will always be learning in the opportunity.


Any final thoughts on the door of opportunity?


As long as you choose to avoid an opportunity, you will always second-guess yourself when it comes to certain aspects of your life. It is here that fear may begin to creep into your thought process, causing you to hesitate when future opportunities come your way. When you walk through the door of opportunity you have given yourself  the best chance for success. With the courage to take advantage of an opportunity, you will be strengthening your self-esteem, and your self-worth will be bolstered by the wisdom the opportunity has offered you.


Is an opportunity an open door to a better way of life, or something to avoid?  Let me know what you think, leave a question or comment below. I’m always open to expanding the conversation for more clarity.


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Is there a connection between taking the high road and living the best life possible?


To take the high road means to reach a level of consciousness where you connect with your higher self. This is the part of you that is pure love. It is here where you will be one with a stream of love that benefits all the people you encounter in your life. The high road is also a place that allows you to hear your inner guidance without the backdrop of self-doubt, fear, or the need for self-sabotage.


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