Thoughts Are Choices

Choices, choices, choices. The outcome of life will be determined by the choices we make. This sounds simple, yet the thoughts we think are also choices. To take it one step further, the actions we take are based on the thoughts we choose to think. So if life is created by the actions we take, then our life is created by the thoughts we think.

If this is the case, then what about outside circumstances, the things we have no control over? How do they affect the outcome of our lives? I didn’t think a hurricane, or a global pandemic into existence. These events have an effect on the outcome of our lives, so what can we do when events like these occur? Is it possible to maintain a place of emotional center, or inner peace when the flood waters are rising in the kitchen?

With these thoughts in mind a conversation with my Inner Voice may add clarity to the thoughts we think as well as outside forces. My questions will be in italics.


If our thoughts create our world, then how do uncontrollable outside forces play into this belief?

There may be nothing you can physically do about many of the outside forces that impact your life. All you can do is control your reaction to these forces. The choice between becoming emotionally involved with that which you can do nothing about, and maintaining a place of emotional center will determine the outcome of life.

No one can stop a tornado, but you can work to stay emotionally centered during its destructive event. This gives you the strength to think clearly without becoming emotional. Even if you have been harmed as a child, or young adult in a tornado, you can work to return to a place of center. It is here where you will have the emotional strength to release the trauma from your consciousness.

What we think about the situation will determine how we handle the situation emotionally?

What you think of the situation will determine the outcome. The thoughts you think are the major factor in how your life is shaped. If there is a constant focus on the pain that someone else has caused you, then the thought of them, and the pain, will create the way you perceive life. Nothing can be physically done about a tornado, or a past pain. What can be accomplished is a shift in your thoughts about the situation.

How do we shift our thoughts surrounding a painful emotional experience?

Oftentimes there is guilt, shame, and self-judgement associated with emotional pain. No matter how painful the experience was, know that you did the best you could at the time. The memory of a painful experience is a negative thought pattern. By accepting that you did the best you could, you can shift your thoughts to ones that are more self-loving, and self-compassionate. This will be the path to healing from the negative experience.

If the pain is deep, it can be tough to shift our thoughts away from the negative experience. What do we do then?

Know that deep within you is a never-ending source of love. As you begin to accept that you did, and are doing the best you can, your thoughts will shift away from the pain, and you will begin to feel this love flood into your consciousness. This love is eternal, and has always been within you, by choosing to shift your focus away from the pain, you will begin to live by this love.

All this is just a choice away?

Once you have made the choice to shift your focus away from the emotional pain to the love within you, your emotional healing will begin. When you learn to trust the depth of this love, your future will be decided by the love you now feel and experience every day.


Choose love. Let me know what you think, leave a comment or a question below, I’m always interested in what you think.

Each week I send out a conversation with my Inner Voice. This week we discuss the benefits of learning to trust ourselves. Here is an excerpt.

Why is it challenging to know what is true and right for us?

Young children will seek guidance from the adults in their lives, because they do not have a history of life experiences as adults do. In time, asking others for guidance can become a habit that may be hard to break. It becomes easier to ask for advice from others than it is to move forward with the possibility of failing. If the advice of others does not work out it then is their fault and not yours.

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Peace and Well-Being


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