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The future seems like a long way off. Yet how often do we recognize that the future is the next hour, or the next ten minutes? With all that is going on around the world how will the future unfold for us? Do we believe that the future will take care of itself? What if we were to change our thought process, and accept that we—you and I—can shape the future by our thoughts, words and actions? This would mean that we can create the world we want to live in by challenging ourselves to do so.
What if we were to look in the mirror and say to ourselves that the future begins with the person reflected in the mirror? How would this change our mindset? Would we realize that we cannot leave it up to others to create our world for us?
With thoughts of the future in mind, a conversation with my Inner Voice may add some clarity to this subject. My questions will be in italics for clarity.
The future is often seen as a faraway concept. Is that so?
The present moment is always shifting to a time in the future. This means that although the beginning of this sentence was written in the present moment, by the time the end of the sentence is written the beginning is in the past. The future of the sentence—the ending—had yet to be written when the sentence was being written. The thought of the ending of the sentence was in the present moment even though it had yet to be written.
This means that the thought which is in the present moment creates the future. The future will happen whether you consciously think about it or not. If your life is not shaping up as you had planned take the time to examine your thoughts because it may be your thoughts that are creating your future.
How do my thoughts create my future?
Thoughts create beliefs, words and actions. Through beliefs, words, and actions you experience the world, and the world reacts to you. If your thoughts are negative, your beliefs, words, and actions will have a foundation of negativity. Then again if your thoughts, beliefs, words and actions are positive your future will be more loving, and kind. Imagine your thoughts as a door that you open each day and the view out of the door will reflect your thoughts. No matter what your thoughts you have to walk through this door. You have created what is on the other side of the door—your future—by the thoughts you think.
If this is true then I have control over my future, and the future doesn’t control me.
There are things in the future that you cannot control because there are many other people living on Earth who are creating the future as well.  What you can control now, and in the future, is how you react to the things you cannot control. If you react in a positive way toward that which you cannot control, you can increase your ability to create a better experience out of a negative situation. If you choose to react in a negative way—and it is a choice—the situation and the future, will become a challenge for you.
How can I—one person—create a positive future for others to experience?
Think of creating a positive future every time you interact with other people. Every word you speak, or action you take, indicates the level of positivity in your thoughts. Your positive words and actions will ripple out to all those who you touch causing a positive reaction within them that will then ripple out from them, and on it will go. These positive ripples, though they appear to be small and insignificant, spread out creating a better future for all people.
So, a better future begins with each one of us being more positive.
A better future begins when each one of you becomes more positive and loving in the present moment. From here the positive energy will radiate out to the world causing a global shift in consciousness.
Be more positive now for a better future. Sounds great.
Let me know what you think, leave a comment or a question below, I’m always open to expanding the conversation.
Each week I send out a conversation with my Inner Voice. This week we discuss our words and their impact on the world around us. Here is an excerpt.
Why is it that we speak without much forethought?
Few people take the time to consider the listeners frame of mind before they speak. They are more interested in speaking than they are in evaluating the situation they are in. This causes many hardships because people fail to realize how powerful their words are.
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Peace and Well-Being.
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