Accepting Ourselves

What do we give to each other? Do we give our true selves? Or do we give a persona that has been created as a way to protect ourselves from the possibility of being emotionally hurt? How often have we shared a part of our lives only to have our words used against us as a way to cause us pain?

If we were to search within ourselves, we would find the reasons for our behavior, but we must be honest with ourselves. We may recognize many reasons why we choose to give our persona to others rather than share our true selves. The thought of exposing our true selves may keep us from experiencing the world in a way that is deep and meaningful. yet don’t all of us want to live a deep and meaningful life?


With these thoughts in mind I’ll seek the wisdom of my Inner Voice for clarity. My questions will be in italics.


Why do we hide behind a persona as a way to protect ourselves?


When a person experiences emotional pain, oftentimes they will withdraw into themselves as a method of protection. When they reemerge, they will be more cautious and hesitant. Their belief is one of keeping themselves safe by creating a persona that they can fortify with their fear and anger. This then becomes the person they show to the world. Even though their persona is not their truth, they feel it is safer than exposing their true selves.


How do we know if we are sharing a persona or our true selves?


The root of the persona is fear. People fear expressing their true selves because they do not want to be hurt emotionally. Their persona has more strength in defending them than their true selves does. Yet a person’s true self, the truth of who they are, is love. If they believe that they will be harmed in life, they will shield this love and show their persona to the world.


Our true self is love, while our persona has been created out of fear?


This fear is a way to protect themselves from harming their loving true self. Over time living through the persona becomes comfortable. More people know the persona than they do the truth of who this person is. After a while the person no longer recognizes their truth, but it is always their if a personal, and emotional transformation is desired.


How do we return to living the love that is our truth?


When a person lives by their persona, they love the persona. They are not loving their true selves. To return to their truth they must shed the persona, and it can only be shed through the act of self-love.


Self-love is accepting yourself without the need to judge or ridicule yourself. There are many false beliefs that surround the creation of a persona. These false beliefs have to be challenged and cleared from your consciousness before love can begin to flow.


How do we challenge our beliefs to discover if they are false or not?


Any thought, word, or belief that is not founded in love is worth challenging and releasing from your consciousness. This love is not the love of power, or the love of the persona, but the love of  your truth. This is a love that has been within you your entire life, but you have not experienced it because of the persona that you created.


What happens when we begin to live by the love of our truth?


You will begin to experience the world in a truthful and loving way. Your true self will now have the strength to go through life without the need for a persona. If someone speaks negative words to you, your self-love will be strong enough to disregard these words and move on with little notice. The gift you give to others is the truth of who you are and the love this truth speaks.


Are we living by our truth, or are we living by a persona? Let me know what you think. Leave a question or a comment below, I’m always open to exploring the subject further.


Each week I send out a conversation with my Inner Voice. This week we discuss coincidence, here is an excerpt,


When things fall into place for us, are they just coincidence, or are there other forces at work?

Imagine your thoughts as powerful magnets attracting to you the essence of your thoughts. If you are thinking of a better situation then a better situation will be drawn into your life. Each thought you think radiates energy, this energy is what draws to you the desire you are seeking. If things fall into place quickly, then this is telling you that what you are seeking is meant to be a part of your life.

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I hope you and those you love are safe and healthy.


Peace and well-Being



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