In the summer months my wife and I grow flowers for our floral business. Once the flowers begin to bloom, we pick flowers every day. I am always amazed at how resilient the flowering plant is. Throughout the summer we pick flowers from the same plant, time and time again, yet it continues to produce beautiful flowers. This brings to mind the word resilience—the ability to continue  moving forward after a setback. 

If we were to look at the world around us, we will see many examples of resilience. But if we look within ourselves, would we say that we are resilient? How often have we had to bounce back from adversity? Do we have the resilience to keep moving forward after an emotional or physical setback? Are there outside forces that hinder our ability to be resilient? 


With these questions in mind a conversation with my Inner Voice may add some clarity to the subject of resilience. My questions will be in italics for clarity.


Where does resilience fit into the human experience?


Resilience is the ability to continue on after experiencing an emotional, or physical setback. Even though the setback may appear as an obstacle, or a challenge, the human ability to carry on after a negative experience has no limitations. Few people consider resilience a personal trait they would share with others, but each person is resilient in their own way. The human experience is a landscape of challenges, and lessons, and then the growth from these situations. Resilience allows a person the strength to proceed onto the next experience, and the next lesson. 


Is it possible that we can lose our resilience if life becomes too challenging?


When a person loses their resilience it is because they are worn out emotionally, or physically. If a situation is too challenging, they may begin to withdraw emotionally, thus limiting their ability to grow and heal from the experience. 


Each challenge in a person's life is meant as a lesson for their emotional, physical, and spiritual growth. The struggle becomes one of recognizing these events as lessons. Within each life challenging experience there will be smaller lessons that can be learned in small bits. This way the experience is not so overwhelming. When the big challenge is broken down into smaller parts, it is easier to be resilient and move onto the next experience. 


It seems that some struggles are too challenging for people, and it breaks down their resilience. Why is that?


Resilience can erode if there is a constant attack on a person’s emotional well-being. When one looks out at the world, there are things that can be controlled and things that cannot. The level of resilience one possesses will determine the outcome. 


Our resilience appears to be tested almost every day. How can we boost the strength of our resilience?


To boost resilience you must journey within and discover the endless stream of love that flows within you. This love will give to you the strength and courage needed to face the challenges that life hands you. The stronger your self-love, the more resilient you will become.


How resilient are you? Let me know what you think. Leave a comment or question below, I’m always open to expanding the conversation further. 


Each week I send out a conversation with my Inner Voice. This week we discuss the truth of who we are. Here is an excerpt.


The truth of who we are is love, it is this love that is the foundation of who we are. Imagine false beliefs as covering this foundation with negativity. With each false belief, more and more of our foundation gets buried. To return to our source of love, we have a choice, question our beliefs to determine which ones benefit us, or those that keep us separated from our foundation of love.


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Thank you for taking the time to read this post, I appreciate your support. 


Peace and well-being.



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