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Years ago I was building a house for a friend. His land was far up a dirt road that received little traffic. Because of this, there was a gate that was locked with a chain of locks. Image each lock, locked to another lock forming a ring of locks. To access the property all that needed to happen was one of the locks to be unlocked. I had my lock, the owners had their lock, along with the plumber, and so on. It was a great system because those working on the house could gain access, without waiting for someone with a key. When a new subcontractor was hired, they would add their own lock to the ring of locks.

This made me think of the emotional pain we keep locked within us. How often do we fail to realize that the key to unlocking this pain and thus freeing ourselves from the burden of this pain, is in our own hand? Is it because we are too focused on our pain to recognize the key? Or are we too involved in trying to avoid facing our pain to even know we have a key in our hand? If we see the key, do we ask, what is this for?


To understand how we can begin to unlock our pain, I’ll seek the wisdom of my Inner Voice. My questions will be in italics.


Do we hold the keys to unlock the reasons for our emotional struggles?


Many times there is a desire to blame others for a struggle a person is having. This keeps attention away from themselves and places responsibility on others. Others may be responsible for the initial reason for the pain. Yet it is up to each individual to release the pain from within themselves.

The keys needed to release the negative experience from one’s life are self-love, self-kindness and self-compassion. Through these powerful emotions the way forward will be made clear, and the negative experience can be released from one’s consciousness.


The pain can be so intense that self-love isn’t even on the radar. What then?


Self-love is always within you, it never leaves, and can be found when you realize that the reason for the pain is because you are too intently focused on it. There may be nothing you can do about what others have done to you, because it is in your past. You can begin to heal by uncovering the true, eternal love that is within you. Know that no matter what happens or is happening in your life, you are doing the best you can. This loving acceptance releases any self-judgement that can be associated with a painful negative experience.


Some of these painful negative experiences have happened long ago. How do we reconcile them and move on?


The burden of a past emotional pain can impact the way life is lived today. Even though you may think it no longer has an effect on you, it still may. The way to unlock these memories from your awareness will be through the act of self-love. Love yourself enough to realize that you did the best you could have given what you knew at the time. Love yourself enough to recognize that within each experience in life, painful or not, is a lesson that will benefit your emotional growth. The lesson may be of self-forgiveness, becoming aware of the love within you, or forgiving those who harmed you. These will be the keys that will unlock you from the past and allow you to walk freely in the present moment.


Any final thoughts?


It takes courage to shift focus away from a painful experience long enough to see the keys to freedom within your hands. Yet this courage has a foundation of love. Your ability to heal will be found in this love, and you hold the keys that will unlock this love.


The healing we seek from a painful experience is within us, we just have to look for the keys.


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Each week I email a conversation with my Inner Voice to those who have subscribed to my weekly. This week we discuss appreciation. Here is an excerpt.


How can appreciation help us when we are struggling with the challenges we see in the world?


Appreciation is a way to turn your attention away from the outside world, and to refocus your attention on the beneficial aspects of your life. This shift in focus returns your energy back to you in a positive way. There may be nothing you can do about what is happening around you, yet you can always find something to appreciate about your life, or yourself.


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