Ego and Self-Worth


How often do we confuse our ego with our self-worth? When we are bold and brash, are we expressing our self-worth, or pleasing our ego? Self-worth, or the ego, which one is rooted in the power of love, which one is driven by the love of power?  It may be hard to sift through the minute differences of the two, but the differences may not be as small as we think.

Within every thought, word, and action, you will find an emotion, at the root of this emotion is a reason for the emotion. Are your emotions founded in fear, or love? Taking it a step further, are your actions based on fear, or love?

 If we use our ego to boost our self-worth, is this action based on love or fear? Many times we use our ego to protect us from the outside world, but is this how we build our self-worth? Can the two—ego and true self-worth—go hand in hand? In other words can they work together to create a balanced life?

With these thoughts in mind, a conversation with my Inner Voice may be beneficial. My questions will be in italics for clarity.


What is the difference between our ego and our self-worth?

True self-worth originates out of self-love. This form of love has nothing to do with the ego. It is a source of love that knows no boundaries, or limits. When a person is experiencing their true self-love there is no need for bold, or brash behavior. One reason is because true self-love knows this love is enough and all you are seeking will be found within this love.

The ego is oftentimes created as a shield to protect a person from experiencing more pain in life. Rather than silently sit by in a painful situation, the ego takes aggressive action to overtake the source of the pain.

Do we create our self-worth from our ego?

True self-worth is created from self-love. The self-worth created by the ego is an ego based sense of worth. This way of life will have limitations, false beliefs, and a lack of true, authentic love. Yet many people believe their self-worth is equal to how loudly their ego shouts.

What would be the benefits of true self-worth as opposed to our ego’s idea of self-worth?

True self-worth has a foundation of love. This then becomes the way life is experienced—through the eyes of love. Living by this love there becomes no need to judge, or ridicule others. As this love becomes the foundations of who you are, you will realize that any negativity in your life does not serve your higher good. In this state of love you recognize that everyone is doing the best they can, and there is no need to judge them or yourself.

The ego’s idea of self-worth is one of putting others down as a way to feel superior, or better than others. This type of behavior will cause a separation from others as well as your true self, and authentic self-worth.

Is it possible for our ego and our true self-worth to work together for a healthier life?

When true self-worth becomes the way you experience yourself, and your life, the need for the ego will diminish. There becomes no need for the shield of protection the ego once provided. Yet at times the ego is needed if it has a foundation of true self-love. The ego can be a source of positive energy if the desire is to accomplish a task that would benefit the greater good. Here the ego is serving others, rather than others serving the ego.

Any final thoughts on true self-worth and the ego?

True self-worth is rooted in love. When this state of love is experienced, life will be more centered around this love. There will be no need to seek the approval or others to boost your self-esteem, because you will have realized the depth of this love. The ego then becomes a useful servant rather than the master it believes itself to be.


That’s a lot to think about. Are we living by our ego, or our true self-worth? Let me know what you think. Leave a question or comment below. I’m always open to expanding the conversation for more clarity.

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Giving ourselves credit is a self-loving pat on the back?

Giving yourself credit is a self-loving embrace that no one can do for you but you. It is acknowledging the hardships you have worked through to be where you are today. To accept this loving embrace is to accept that you did the very best you could given what you knew at the time.

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