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If we were to look at our reactions to the events in our lives, would these reactions be based in love of fear. Do we react out of anger when things don’t work out for us? Or, do we look for the positive lessons within the situation and use these lessons to better our lives? When we choose the latter, we are choosing to be kind and loving to ourselves.

What does anger do for us anyway? It can show us that we need to work out a better way to respond to negative situations. Anger could also show us that we are not aligned with our heart. What does the heart have to do with how we resolve issues? What if our heart is the source of love? Sure the heart pumps blood throughout our body, but what if we thought of our heart as a constant source of love.

Is it possible to shift our focus away from our anger, to a place where we react in love instead? How would that change our lives and the world around us? With these thoughts in mind a conversation with my Inner Voice may add some clarity. My questions will be in italics.


How would life change if we focused on love instead of anger or fear?

Think of love as a key that will open every door you come across along your journey to self-realization. If you compare love with anger you will find that love is a powerful high vibration source of energy. While anger and negativity in general is low level energy. This energy helps create the world around you. Just look at how life unfolds when you are angry; nothing seems to work out for you, everything is a struggle, and the people around you don’t have the answers you need to move into a better emotional frame of mind.

Conversely when you are in a loving frame of mind, everything works out for you, people are glad to be with you, and their advice fits in with your dreams and goals. This because you are living in the higher frequencies of love. These frequencies help you rise above the energy of negativity.

Would you explain the frequencies of love and fear?

Think of these frequencies as waves. Low frequency energy such as anger, resentment, or fear are thick, and slow. Like mud, keeping things from slowing smoothly. Love on the other hand, is a high, clear, fast moving frequency. Think of love as floating above the mud that may come along in one’s journey. If you are angry you are stuck, having trouble moving forward, and life will reflect this to you. Yet if you are living by the love in your heart, you are above the mud, moving effortlessly through life. If you do stumble in negativity, your self-love will help you regain your footing quickly, so you can return to your place of heart centered love.

There can be many reasons to be negative in our world today. How do we resolve these issues?

As you look across the global landscape the only thing you may have control over is how you react to what you see. It is here where you have a choice, choose a reaction of fear, or anger, or elevate yourself with the higher positive energy of love. The choice you make will determine the outcome of the world around you.

Is our heart centered love that powerful?

When you look out at the world, you see what you choose to see. Rather than focus on negativity, choose to focus on the everyday acts of love that go unnoticed. Another way is to be the love you wish to experience in the world. Imagine if every encounter you had was founded in love. How would that change your outlook on life. If a situation becomes negative, choose to stay in the higher levels of love. This will keep you from getting stuck in the mud of negativity. The best you can do during a negative situation is to remain in a place of heart centered love. This keeps the situation from becoming completely negative, and not beneficial to anyone involved.

Any final thoughts on heart centered love?

Heart centered love clears the way for you to experience the best that life has to offer. To be in this place of love, is to know that this love is within everyone, yet they may be stuck in the lower energy of negativity and may be struggling to move toward this love. Being kind, and loving toward others and yourself, will shift the way you experience the world.


A heart centered love, sounds like a great way to live.

Let me know what you think. Leave a comment below, I’m always open to exploring the subject further.

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Why is it hard to challenge our beliefs?

Your thoughts and beliefs create the world around you. They become the foundation of who you think you are. To challenge a belief there is the potential of shaking your foundation to its core. Imagine realizing that the life a person has created by their thoughts and beliefs is not true or right, or limits the way in which they experience the world. This realization would cause too much emotional unrest within this person. This one reason is why remaining in the comfort of a belief is appealing.

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Peace and well-being

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