The Gift of Love


This is the season to give a gift to those who mean something to you. It’s easy to give a physical gift, yet what gifts do you give to the world every day? Do you give peace and love? Or, are you caught up in the negatives you see in your life, so you have little to share with others?

Each one of us has an endless stream of love flowing within us. If we are aware and living by this love, then we are freely giving this love as we walk the Earth. Oftentimes when we are focused on the problems of the world, we have little positive energy to give. How would life unfold if we gave the gift of love each and every day? Would we become more understanding and compassionate? What emotional blocks prevent us from sharing our inner love? Do we even know this love exists?

With these thoughts in mind a conversation with my Inner Voice may shine some light on the gifts we give. My questions will be in italics for clarity.


In the world today there is much tension and uncertainty, what can we do to ease this situation?

The truth of every being on Earth is love. You have been created with the energy of this love. This love goes back further than your parents romantic relationship. It is in everyone and everything. What you are seeing in the world around you is people who have become disconnected from this love. This separation causes them to act out of their ego and not from their heart.

To ease the uncertainty you may be experiencing, discover the flow of love within you, then learn to share it with the world. The flow of this love is endless, so there is no need to hoard it and keep it to yourself. If you try to stockpile this love you will block the flow of this powerful love. The more you share this love, the more love you will experience in your life.

We should not be afraid of giving the gift of love to others?

There is no reason to fear running out of love. There is an endless amount of energy in the universe, this energy has a foundation of love. To be afraid of giving the gift of love is to limit your ability to receive love in return. Imagine your gift of love as planting a seed, the more love you give, the more love that gets planted in the hearts of others. From one act of love, thousands and thousands of other people will experience love. Just as one tree can produce enough seeds to grow an entire forest.

From giving the gift of love, thousands and thousands of people will experience this love. That is a bit hard to imagine.

Have you ever tossed a pebble into a pond? The ripples radiate out from a single point, every inhabitant of the pond feels the vibration of these ripples. Even if the ripples appear to fade the energy of the ripples continues.

It is the same way with the energy of the love. Even if you cannot see the energy of your love touching others, trust the energy of your gift affects many, many people.

 Ask yourself, what are the options? Share your gift of love, with the possibility of being a positive change in the world? Or, hoarding your love, thereby having a negative affect on those around you?

Should we limit our love to only those who we feel deserve our gift?

In doing so you will limit the love you feel for yourself. If you withhold love you are using the negative emotion of judgement as a guide, you are judging someone as unworthy of your gift. You fail to realize that those you judge may need your gift of love more than anyone. If someone is not behaving with love as their foundation, it is because they may not be aware of their own stream of love. To be true and honest with yourself, you must give love without condition, or expectation. This is the only way to give the powerful gift of love.

What does this do for us as individuals?

The more love you give without condition or expectation, the more love you will receive from the world around you. This love will make you more kind and compassionate when you meet someone who is afraid to share their love.


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Where does compassion fit into this discussion?

Compassion is a powerful positive emotion that has a foundation rooted in love. To be more compassionate is to release the need to judge, and accept that all people are doing the best they can. This will allow you to see the person for who they truly are, and not through the cloud of your judgement.

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Peace and well-being


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