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Each one of us will see the world differently. Our vision will be influenced by the way we were raised, the education we received, both in and out of the classroom, and the people who associate with us. These influences help shape our thoughts, our beliefs, and our resulting actions. In a way they shape the way we experience the world. Positive or negative, these influences have a tremendous impact on our lives.

Yet how often do we see a need to challenge these influences? Probably not often, because we may find comfort in them, even if this comfort comes at a cost to our lives. It may be easier to live with the discomfort than it would be to change. But is that the best thing for us? Maintaining a place of discomfort because it’s easy?

Change can be hard, especially if we have built a life on a foundation based on outside influences. Is it possible to look within ourselves and recognize what is true and right for us? Then can we courageously move away from our discomfort and begin living a life that is true and right for us. Or do we feel it’s too late to start a new life because we believe we are “too old”?

With these thoughts in mind a conversation with my Inner Voice may add clarity on the subject of discovering what is right for us. My questions will be in italics.


With so many outside influences on our lives, how do we discover what is true and right for us?

Outside influences are created from the experiences of others. People will often share an opinion that is right for them, but may not be right for you. Yet because you may trust them you allow their opinions to shape your life. At first their opinions may benefit you as you work your way through the world. But in time their opinions may not fit into the direction you would like to go in life. It is here where you have a choice, move in the direction that feels best to you, possibly upsetting those around you. Or continue to follow the opinions of others as a way to go through life, thereby keeping them happy at the cost of your own happiness.

Is it possible we remain in an uncomfortable situation, because we do not want to disappoint those who attempt to guide us with their opinions?

All people have a desire to be accepted by those around them. If you go against an opinion, you may lose the acceptance of the person expressing the opinion. This could cause some hardship in the relationship. Parents will often become disappointed their adult children who do not follow their advice. This guidance may not be true and right for the adult child, but it is for the parents. As a way to please their parents the adult child may forgo their dreams and aspirations. In doing so they sacrifice discovering the truth of who they are and realizing their true potential.

Some of these influences are not as life changing. What then?

Even simple, seemingly insignificant opinions or sources of influence can alter the course of a persons life. A little push here, a little push there, and if this pattern continues, before too long the scenery in a person’s journey could look completely different than what they set out to see.

How do we remain true to ourselves with so many sources of influence in our lives?

Ask yourself if the opinion, belief, or course of action is rooted in love. Not love of money or power, but a true honest love for yourself. Is the answer to your question founded in love? If so, then that is your true direction, if not, then the opinion, thought, or belief should be ignored and released from your awareness.

There are many forms of love, how will we know what is true and right for us?

Deep within you is an endless flow of love. When you ask yourself if a belief is true for you, you will feel this love. This love is the truth of who you are. It is not a superficial love rooted in instant gratification, it is a deep feeling of love, a feeling of truth. This is how you will know you have discovered what is right for you.


The love we feel will tell us if it is true and right for us.

Let me know what you think. Leave a question or comment below. I’m always open to expanding the conversation for more clarity.

Each week I email a conversation with my Inner Voice to those who have subscribed. This week we discuss being true to ourselves. Here is an excerpt.

How do we return to being true to ourselves so we can love ourselves once again?

To be true to yourself is to discover the endless flow of love within you. The intention is to return to this love. Much of the behavior of self-sacrifice is based on false beliefs. These beliefs help create your view of yourself. To return to your true self, question any belief  you hold that is not founded in love. This will allow you to release the negativity of self-doubt, and self-judgement.

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Peace and well-being



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