How We Touch Others


Have we ever wondered how our behavior touches others? Not how they react to us or our story, but how we and our story impact their lives behind the scene. I have been on a few construction sites where the foreman would talk to the crew, and he never realized the affect his words were having on the crew. It was as if he could not hear his own words. How often have we stopped to look at our behavior, or listen to our words, to see if we are leaving a positive impact or not? Words can be powerful in lifting the spirits of others, yet they can also demoralize a person if the words are not true or if they are unkind.

Have you ever thought to look over your shoulder as you walk away from a conversation to see the reactions of those involved in the conversation? What would their reactions be, and what would you feel by their reaction? You may say it doesn’t matter and you don’t care. But is that true?

Do you want to walk through life not touching others in a positive, loving way? How does your behavior feel to you when you interact with those whom you disagree?

The intention behind our words can be felt by others, even if we are trying to hide our anger by using positive words, the energy of our anger will still be felt.

Why is this important? The answer is how you feel about yourself. I’m not saying to change who you are to please others. I’m asking you to look in the mirror of your heart and see if your behavior is founded in love. Not a love of the ego, or power, but a love that is strong, true and everlasting. This love is always there for you, it never fades or disappears when life gets tough.

I can’t say I’m perfect, far from it. I’m saying that when I interact with others, I am aware of the truth that they may be experiencing challenges in their lives I know nothing about. I have learned that there is no point in having my behavior add to their challenges. I also realize a kind word can make all the difference in a person’s day. In a way, I am aware of how my behavior touches others.

On the flip side when someone reacts to me in a negative way, I understand that I have a choice on how I react to them. I can choose to be kind and compassionate, again remembering that I know nothing of what is going on within them. Or, the other choice is to turn negative and begin a toe to toe battle of negative words. But what is the point in that? If negativity is the direction the interaction is taking, I can choose to remain silent rather than slip in to the trap of negative thinking and behaving.

Is it always easy to maintain a positive touch with others? As I learn to recognize the positive results, it becomes easier to stay in this good feeling place. Again, I’m not perfect, but I am getting better every day.

The next time you are with others, take an emotional step back to see how your behavior is effecting those around you. Are you comfortable with what you see. How would you react if your behavior was turned back on to you?

Yes, it is a big planet with plenty of space to roam free, but we share this planet with other people. How we touch others can have a dramatic impact on the lives of those around us and the quality of life here on Earth.


What do you think? Have you taken a look over your shoulder to see how your behavior affects others? Let me know what you think. Leave a comment or a question below. I’m always open to exploring the conversation further.

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Looking for the reasons for our behavior can be challenging, we may not want to relive an uncomfortable experience. What then?

Know that the outcome of searching for the reason of your behavior is to connect with a source of love found deep within you. The intention of this journey is to be more loving, kind and compassionate. If the reasons for your behavior are negative, you are blocking yourself from experiencing these powerful, positive emotions. The intention is to look within yourself without judgement, knowing you did the best you could at the time.

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I hope you and those you love are safe and healthy.

Peace and well-being

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  1. Thank you for taking the time to write these articles Paul.
    Your insights are truly valuable. We need people spreading these messages you share more than ever right now!

    1. Thank you for your kind words of support. The positive changes we wish to see in the world begin with each of us. When we realize how our behavior impacts the lives of those around us, we may become more compassionate and understanding. Peace, Paul


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