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One of the things I have always enjoyed and still enjoy, is watching the new day chase away the darkness of night. It is here where I have a choice, what will my attitude be today? What will I choose to focus on today? It has taken me a while to learn that each new day is a fresh opportunity to be a better person. I could hold onto that which does not serve the greater good. Or I could make a conscious effort to be true to myself and show my authentic self to the world.

I believe that being true and authentic to myself and the world, is being of love. But what does that mean? For me being of love is knowing that all of us on this tiny planet floating in the vastness of space are one people. We are unified by our commonalities, and the love that has created all we can see and beyond.

With the new day dawning as I write this, I ask you a question, “What does being ‘of love’ mean to you?” Is it possible for you to be more loving and kind to yourself and those who see the world differently than you? What do you choose to do with this day? It is all up to how you react to the challenges you face isn’t it?

With these thoughts in mind a conversation with my Inner Voice may shed some light on being of love, and how that will affect the day before us. My questions will be in italics for clarity.


Is there a common definition for being of love?

To be of love is to see the best in yourself and those around you, even those with whom you disagree. Being of love is releasing your need to judge others. The reason for this is because you realize you may know little of the inner struggles another person faces each and every day. To be of love would also mean to except the truth that everyone is doing the best they can based on their life experiences and their inner challenges.

Why is being of love important?

Being of love is an important way to see past the limiting beliefs you have toward others. No matter how terrible you think a person is, they may be struggling with issues you know nothing about. To be of love releases you of your judgement of them. This allows you to be more positive and kind. Think of every interaction you have with other people, would the meeting be more productive if you were more of love? Even if no words are spoken, being of love will ease any tension you may hold within yourself when you are with the people you disagree with.

Is being of love more about me or them?

Being of love is a way to shift your focus away from negativity toward a more compassionate way of life. When you chose to judge someone—and it is a choice—you believe yourself to be superior to them. The act of judgement blocks any love from flowing to them as well as to yourself.

Imagine being of love as a way to see past the differences you have with others. When you focus on your differences, you are shifting your energy away from being of love to the lower realms of negative energy. It is here where you block your love for yourself, and limit the inner guidance  you receive from your inner voice.

It can be a challenge to be of love with what is happening around the world today.

Much of what is happening around the world today is because those who came before you were not behaving in a loving way. Yet this can be changed by being of love today. The positive shift you want to see in global awareness will originate from a place of love.

What can one person do to change the world to be more loving?

Look back in history and recognize what one person has done when they were not being of love. Your energy radiates out from you just like the ripples in a pond when you drop a pebble into still water. The energy of the ripples effect all those who live in the pond.

Your positive loving behavior radiates out from you impacting everyone you come in contact with. Think how you feel when you are near someone who is angry or upset. You feel their negative energy, and this energy can affect your entire day.

When you are of love, your love will precede you where ever you go. Those you meet throughout your day will benefit emotionally from the feelings of love they receive from you.

If you want to change the world, be of love. If you want to experience lasting relationships, be of love. To be more self-loving, be of love to others. This is one of the choices you get to make every day the sun rises.


I know it can be hard to be of love, but look at the options? Where have these options taken us?

Let me know what you think. You can leave a question or a comment below or email me at paulhudonauthor@gmail.com. I’m always open to exploring the conversation further.

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Peace and well-being


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