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With each new day we have the opportunity to be more kind, loving, and compassionate. Yet how often do we behave this way. Is it easier to remain as we were yesterday without having to challenge ourselves to be better, kind and loving? Where does that lead us? Sure, life can be challenging but we can remain true to ourselves by avoiding the slippery slope of negativity.

If we want a healthier, more loving world, we have to be willing to step up to the challenge. We can’t ask for a better life and sit on our hands doing nothing about how we impact the world. We have to become an active part of the healing process otherwise we will not see any positive change. This means each of us have a responsibility to do our part to create the loving world we want to live in.

With these thoughts in mind, a conversation with my Inner Voice may add clarity to the subject of our responsibilities for creating a more loving world. My questions will be in italics.


Why is it hard for us to initiate change in the world?

People confuse being loving with being passive. They feel that by being loving they will be doing enough. Yet they must take this love to the streets, and show the world that love can indeed heal the world. It isn’t enough to be loving to those with whom you agree. There must be an effort to be kind and compassionate to those who see the world differently than you.

If someone is frustrated and angry, this behavior will show itself to the world, telling everyone who this person is. They behave this way because they are unaware of their true self-love. The best you can do for them is to be compassionate toward them because they are suffering a lack of true inner love in their lives.

Being kind, compassionate, and loving to those who are making the lives of others miserable can be a big challenge. How do we reconcile this?

If someone is behaving this way it is because they have experienced severe emotional pain in their lives. They are expressing their pain through their anger. No amount of anger will clear away their pain. The only thing that can do that is love, kindness, and compassion. If they want to live a healthier life, they must do the work to uncover their own self-love and begin the self-healing process. They cannot place this responsibility on the shoulders of others.

What you can do for them is to release your need to judge them and accept that they are doing the best they can with the life they are living. Within all people is a struggle you no nothing about. Your judgement of them is based on what you see on the surface, and not what internal challenges they deal with each and every day.

That’s a lot to take in.

Most people do not realize that their negative behavior is because of emotional traumas they have faced in their lives. To judge them, or withhold kindness and compassion from them is not allowing the love of who you are to expand out and touch them in a positive way.

This does not take away their responsibility for how they create their world. This releases you from your need to believe you are better than them through your judgement of them.

How do we begin the process of being more kind, loving, and compassionate to those who behave badly?

Begin by being more kind, loving and compassionate to yourself. This will release your need to judge, or condemn them. When you begin the journey to realize true self-love, you start to understand that everyone is doing the best they can with the life they have. Compassion allows you to understand that they are struggling on a level you may know nothing about. Then begin the process of forgiving yourself for holding yourself above others and judging them from your self-imposed pedestal.

Often you judge others because you have hidden emotional struggles within you that have yet to be resolved. Your judgement is s sign you have inner work to do to clear these challenges from your consciousness.

Any final thoughts?

You have a responsibility to heal yourself of the inner struggles you may be unwilling to face. But remember, the destination is kindness, compassion and love, for you and all those in your life, no matter what the behavior.


That’s a lot to contemplate. Let me know what you think. Leave a question or a comment below, I’m always open to exploring the conversation further.

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Why is it so challenging for us to know when it’s our time to start a new project or to fulfill a life dream?

If you have the inspiration to begin a new adventure, then that is the right time. It is the feeling of inspiration that tells you, you’re ready. Think of inspiration as a divine message from your inner voice. This positive message is telling you everything is in place for you to succeed at your task.

Issues begin when self-doubt silences the feeling of inspiration. It is here where many projects come to a halt.

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