Higher Consciousness Through Love


Many people are searching for ways to reach higher levels of consciousness. Some will use drugs, while others, including myself are choosing to focus on meditation as a way to reach a higher plane of awareness. What if we were to use the strength of love as a vehicle to reach a state of consciousness previously unknown to us? Is it possible to reach higher realms of consciousness through love?

With these thoughts in mind I’ll seek the wisdom of my Inner Voice for guidance. My questions will be in italics for clarity.

The idea that we can reach higher realms of consciousness through love sounds different than many of us have been taught. Is this possible?

It must first be accepted that the basis of all life—all that you can see, feel and touch, and beyond—has been created out of love. The intention of reaching higher realms of consciousness is to reconnect with this loving energy. No matter how beautiful or challenging life may appear, the energy of all creation is the energy of love. The deeper you experience this love the higher the levels of consciousness you will experience.

There are many uses for the word love, I can love my car, as I love my partner. How is this love different?

To understand the depth of this love begins with an honest journey within to discover the self-love within you. From this powerful awareness, the intention is to share and express this love with everyone you encounter throughout your life. To experience this love is to connect with the love of all creation.

There are people who are challenging. How can we love them?

All people, challenging or not, have been created out of the same powerful love as you. You are connected to each other by this love. When you judge someone as challenging, you separate yourself from this love. You then limit the love you can experience  because of your judgement of them. This behavior will also limit the levels of consciousness you can achieve.

To reach higher realms of consciousness, you must release your need for judgement and negative behavior toward others, and learn to connect with the love within them. Each person is born knowing of this powerful love, it is through their life experiences they become separated from experiencing this love. When you begin to accept that everyone is doing the best they can with their life experience, you will be able to connect with the love of all creation. This love will help elevate your levels of consciousness.

Negative emotions such as judgement and anger are forms of low level energy. As with any negative thought, word or action, this behavior limits the level of consciousness a person can attain. When you criticize or treat another person poorly you are in a low level of consciousness. Shifting your thoughts, words and actions away from negativity to more a positive mindset will help you move forward to higher realms of consciousness.

To connect with others through love can be difficult. How do we overcome this?

The people who appear difficult or challenging are meant to teach you important lessons for your emotional and spiritual growth. They are in your life to help you reach higher realms of consciousness, but you must be aware of the lessons they are teaching. When you accept challenging people as teachers, you will begin to connect with the love within them, even if they cannot express this love.

Releasing negative thoughts, words and actions will help us move to a more loving experience and then allow us to reach higher realms of consciousness?

Love is the pathway to understanding others and achieving higher levels of consciousness. It may take time to readjust your behavior. Once you begin the habit of seeking love first, before any word or action is taken, you will have taken the steps necessary to elevate your consciousness.

If your desire is to reach higher levels of awareness and consciousness, it is best release as much negativity as possible from your awareness. This will open your heart to receiving more love. Negativity holds you at lower levels of consciousness, while love will propel you forward, because of this, reaching higher realms of consciousness will be easier through the experience of love.


Love as way to reach higher realms of consciousness. Can we be more loving to each other?

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