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The other day a friend asked me to describe my present life in a metaphor. The first thought I had was of me floating down a wide, slow moving river, sitting in an inner tube watching the scenery change. All I was doing was allowing the river to take me downstream with no resistance from me. The tube was supporting me, and every once in a while I would rotate the tube so I could see what I had just passed by. It was a relaxing visualization, the river was doing the work and I was just directing where I wanted to be in the flow of the river.

How often do we attempt to push or force our way through life? It can be easy to get caught up in our list of things we must do. There was a time when I would make a to do list and at the bottom of the list I would write, make a to do list. That way I could cross that off first.

When we allow life to flow as with my river metaphor there is no need to make a list, life just flows. with this mindset we still get things accomplished, but they seem to flow without much stress, or anxiety.

What does it mean to allow life to flow? Is this just ignoring our responsibilities? With these thoughts in mind a conversation with my Inner Voice may add clarity to allowing life to flow. My questions will be in italics.


Will we succeed at life if we just allow it to flow?

When you make a list of things to accomplish you are not allowing the possibility of something better happening to you. Your head is down, working hard on the next task to accomplish so you can move onto the next. Oftentimes there is no room for a new idea, or a new thought process that will help make the task easier to accomplish.

The state of flow is an emotional place where there is trust in the guidance you receive from your inner voice. Imagine working on a task, ignoring any intuitive feeling you have because the task must be accomplished. Yet if you were attentive to your intuition, you would be receiving guidance that would help you accomplish the task with much less effort.

 It seems as if this means to not care about how things turn out?

Allowing life to flow is living a life connected with the powerful source of guidance that is your inner voice. Nothing is more important to your inner voice than your success and true happiness. When you follow the guidance of your inner voice, you will know what steps to take and those that are not necessary to the final outcome. Things will flow smoother for you when you connect with this important source of guidance.

What happens when the guidance we receive from our inner voice or intuition, is different than the direction we want to go? What then?

Your inner voice has your best interest as its main focus. You will never receive guidance that will not benefit you in any way. If you believe that this guidance is not right, pay attention to the final outcome of the situation. This will show to you, if you should have followed the loving guidance. When you allow life to flow without push or force things will fall into place for you in the right time and place.

Why does it work this way?

Being in-tune with the guidance of your inner voice is the connection between you in the physical world and the energy of all creation. This is where you align with the truth of who you are. It is through this union where your inner guidance directs you to what is right, and true for the best possible outcome.

How does this fit into flowing down a river?

Think of life as the river, when you align with your inner voice, you are allowing life to flow in the direction that suits you best. There is no way you can force the river of life to bend to your desires. All you can do is align yourself with the energy of your instincts, intuition, and your inner voice, and allow the flow of life to gently guide you to the right solutions for any given situation.

Any final thoughts on allowing life to flow?

When you attempt to push or force life you are blocking an infinite source of wisdom and guidance that is intended to help you throughout your life. By allowing life to flow, you will experience more joy, and happiness, because you have connected with the truth of who you are. This truth has your best interest as its main focus. Nothing can be better than this connection.


Is it possible to allow your life to flow without push or force? Let me know what you think. Leave a question or comment below. I’m always open to exploring the conversation further.

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How will we know if those around us are feeling the energy we radiate?

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