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I write and talk much about our inner voice, a voice of true, loving guidance. But it can be a challenge to locate this voice among the many voices of self-doubt and negative self-talk we hear in our head every day.

When I think about it I can hear the voice of my 8th grade math teacher telling me I had a defeatist attitude. Or a childhood friend telling me, I’ll never be able to build anything with my hands, because my lack of hand eye coordination. Others voices come to mind but few are relevant today. I have learned to silence these voices by focusing on what I can, and have accomplished in my life.

Through all of the negative things people say to us, that we often repeat to ourselves, there is still a loving voice within us that knows what we are capable of accomplishing, and is guiding us along our way to success. But why do we choose to listen to the negative voices of our past, or even our present? Why can it be so hard to recognize our inner voice from all the other voices we hear in our head?

With these thoughts in mind a conversation with my Inner Voice may add clarity as to why we have a difficult time hearing our inner voice? My questions will be in italics.


Does everyone have an inner voice? Some would say they do not. Why is this?

Everyone has an inner voice, just as all animals have instincts to guide them. When a person claims they do not have an inner voice it is because they have trained themselves to believe the voice of their ego is their inner voice. The challenge for many is to sift through the noise in one’s mind to hear the love spoken from their true inner voice.

How is our inner voice different than our negative self-talk, or our self-doubt?

Your true inner voice will only speak through its love for you. Negative self-talk, and self-doubt are negative by nature. They do not trust you nor do they have any faith in your ability to live beyond your wildest imagination. Your inner voice is, and will always support you in any direction you choose to take as long as this direction is true and right for you.

What happens when we choose a path that our inner voice does not agree with?

The outcome of the situation will determine if you have followed your inner voice or not. Your inner voice is always sending you guidance meant for the best possible outcome. Think of your inner voice as a close friend guiding you along the journey of life with your best interest as its main focus. If you choose to move in a different direction than the guidance from your inner voice, you will feel some physical, or emotional discomfort. It will be the outcome of your choices that will reveal to you if you should have followed the loving guidance.

Life seems to be just fine. Why make the effort to discover, and then follow the guidance of our inner voice?

Many people limit the potential of their life because they follow the voice of their ego, and then suffer the consequences because of this choice. The ego is also connected to self-doubt and negative self-talk and does not know or love you as your inner voice does. When you begin to silence the noise in your head, and follow the guidance of your inner voice you will know if a choice is right for you by how the thought of it makes you feel. If you feel uncomfortable with the choice, this is guidance telling you to reconsider your choice. When you make the right decision you will feel comfortable with your choice and the outcome will benefit your health and well-being.

To think that we limit our potential by not following our inner voice will cause some to strongly disagree. How do we reconcile this?

Have they reached their full potential? How will one know if they are fulfilling every aspect of their lives? There may be certain aspects of their lives that are exceeding their expectations, but by following their inner voice they will exceed all their expectations in life, not just a few.

If they are successful in one area, yet lack in another, they are not in-tune with their inner voice. True guidance from one’s inner voice has no limitations, nothing is off limits when it comes to the guidance your inner voice will send you. If you have a question about your love life, ask it, and feel for the answer. Have a question about your career, ask it, again listen and feel for the answer. The true and right answer will have a foundation rooted in love, kindness, and compassion.  This is how you will know if you are listening to your true inner voice or not.


I can think of all the times I ignored my intuition, or my inner voice only to see things turn poorly for me.

Have you tapped into your inner voice? Let me know what you think. Leave a comment or a question, I’m always open to expanding the conversation further.

Each week I email a conversation with my Inner Voice to those who have subscribed to my weekly. This week we discuss if we are doing the right thing. Here is an excerpt.

If the feeling is true and right, founded in love, I’m doing the right thing?

It can be no other way. Trust yourself and the emotions you feel when questioning the path you are on. You will know what is right by these positive feelings. As you do, you will know that you are doing the right thing.

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Thank you for taking the time to read this post. I hope you and those you love are healthy and safe.


Peace and well-being

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