Silencing The Chatter


When the radio is too loud we turn down the volume, if the TV is too loud we can do the same. But what about the chatter in our mind? It can seem to be nonstop and so loud it can block out any kind of inner peace.

How can we silence this mental chatter? What can we do to reach a place where we can hear our inner voice, the voice that sends us loving guidance all the time, yet is often muted by the chatter? We may ask ourselves if the chatter is our inner voice? How can we tell them apart? Which is right, and which will lead us astray?

With these thoughts in mind a conversation with my loving Inner Voice may add some clarity to the subject of silencing the chatter. My questions will be in italics.


Where does our mental chatter come from?

Mental chatter originates from the false beliefs you think are true. These false beliefs are born from the opinions of others that have no basis in truth or love. Often mental chatter gains strength through self-doubt, and self-judgement. If you believe you are not good enough or capable, you can begin the cycle of negative chatter by repeating these negative beliefs to yourself.

If you were to focus on the words the chatter speaks, you will hear little in the way of love, kindness, or compassion. Most of the time the chatter is negative, and gets reinforced the more it is repeated. Think of a cat chasing its tail, the more it wants to catch its tail the harder and faster it works to catch its tail. Until it gives up because of exhaustion.

Mental chatter works the same way. The more you try to silence it the louder it becomes, gaining more strength and energy. It then becomes strong enough to have a negative impact on your life experience, silencing the loving voice of your inner voice.

How is our mental chatter different than our inner voice?

Mental chatter is rooted in doubt, fear and a lack of self-worth and esteem. There is no love in mental chatter. If you constantly heard words of love and kindness, you would not feel worn out, or drained at the end of the day. Your inner voice has a solid foundation rooted in love. This is the only voice that supports you, guides you and always gives you loving advice. Yet this voice is easily overshadowed by your mental chatter. Any voice you hear in your mind that does not speak words of love, kindness and compassion is worth ignoring.

At times our negative mental chatter can be so loud it can be hard to hear our loving inner voice. What then?

The way to silence the chatter is by learning to focus on something that brings you comfort, or joy. The chatter has strength because of the focus you give it. Take away your focus and you take away its strength.

One way to silence the chatter would be to find something of beauty to appreciate, a flower growing in the sidewalk, the beauty of the sky, or a cloud. Learn to focus on anything that can take your attention away from the chatter. Another way to silence the chatter would be to make a list of things in your life you appreciate. This list is not only limited to physical objects, it could also include things you appreciate about yourself, your sense of humor, a skill or talent that sets you apart from others, even appreciating an obstacle you have overcome are powerful ways to silence the mental chatter. The list of appreciation is a list rooted in love, it is this love that will allow you to silence the mental chatter.

If we are in a cycle of negative mental chatter it could be hard to find anything positive to appreciate about our lives. How do we handle this?

Begin small and build from there. Even if your list has only three items, these three items can be the foundation you need to change your frame of mind. The intention is to create a list that will support your shift in focus. This is where you will begin to silence the mental chatter and welcome in your loving inner voice.

How will we know it’s our inner voice and not mental chatter in disguise?

Your inner voice speaks only through love, kindness, and compassion. This voice supports you through every choice you will make in your life. Your inner voice may be heard as a gentle voice, but it also speaks through your intuition, instincts, and gut feelings. These powerful sources of guidance are always loving, kind and compassionate. These are the voices that will guide you to the best life possible.

In time you will know, and feel the difference between your mental chatter and your loving inner voice. When you learn to silence the chatter and trust your inner voice, you will be able to make clear headed choices that will benefit you for years to come.


Do you often hear negative mental chatter? Can you silence it to hear the voice of your inner voice?

Let me know what you think. Leave a comment, or a question, I’m always open to expanding the conversation further.

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Staying centered may be easy when the challenges are small, but what about life’s bigger challenges? It can be difficult to remain centered with these situations. What do we do then?

As with any new skill it will take practice to remain centered in any situation. In can be easy to become angry, irritated, or frustrated. Once you notice the first hint of these negative emotions, stop where you are and work to get yourself back to a place of center. No good will ever come from exploding in anger, you cannot unsay those words. It may be better to remain silent that say words you will regret later.

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I hope you and those you love are healthy and safe.



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