The Journey of a Thousand Miles


It is said, the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Yet why is the first step so difficult to take? Is it because we cannot see the entire one thousand miles, and we want certainty before we begin? Or is it because we are unsure of ourselves and do not want to look foolish for beginning such a grand journey. What if this journey is to discover a part of ourselves that will bring us true joy and happiness? How will it make us feel if we choose to stay in one place?

I haven’t always been a writer, I was a carpenter for thirty-eight years. When I started my apprenticeship I would look to the older carpenters for wisdom and guidance. This helped me along my journey. But many times we must “go it alone,” learning along the way, making mistakes, and hopefully improving ourselves because of them. The thought of making mistakes can also keep us from undertaking our journey.

What if we discovered a source of great courage that allowed us to begin the journey? What if that source of courage was found deep within us, all we have to do is to recognize it within ourselves.

With this in mind a conversation with my Inner Voice may clear the path on our journey of a thousand miles. My questions will be italics.


Why do many of us fail to begin a journey that could change our lives?

People find comfort in where they are, a journey that may change their lives could be too threatening for them. It is possible that the life change could be too disruptive to the lives they are living now. Even though they know a life change would be of great value to them, they choose to remain where they are, either physically or emotionally.

What does it take to begin a life changing journey?

It takes a strong, true desire for a better life. Yet few people realize that when they have a desire for a life change, they are already experiencing their self-love, because a person must love themselves enough to want a better life.

When a person begins to realize they want a healthier life experience, they will also have the courage and determination to take the first step.

What about those who choose to remain where they are?

This is a choice rooted in their fear of the unknown. They may be afraid of failure, but they may also be fearful of success. What happens when they complete their thousand mile journey? Will they recognize themselves or those in their life? How would others treat them if they do fail?

What people do not understand is when they begin the journey, they will be guided by a source of eternal, unwavering love, this is their self-love. Imagine knowing that along this journey they will become stronger and more self-loving. The outcome will be a connection with the truth of who they are.

Would we consider anything that moves us away from our comfort zone, and challenges us along the way, a journey to connect with who we truly are?

Anything that causes a person to explore the world around them with the intention of living a healthier life would be considered a journey, because no matter how simple the path, there will be emotional growth and an expansion of their consciousness.

Many times people will choose to stay in a comfortable place either emotionally, or physically. In doing so, they deny themselves, and those around them, the fullness of their potential. Think of the journey as shedding false and limiting beliefs, and releasing the need for the opinions of others that are often used to shape one’s life. The more miles walked, the more one discovers their truth. It is this truth that is the authenticity of this person. The journey may be challenging, and there will be lessons to learn, but this is how a person will begin to recognize who they are, and why they are here on Earth right now.

So we begin the journey of a thousand miles (for me it was becoming a writer), what happens then?

When a person begins a true journey, with the intention of discovering the fullness of who they are, unseen forces will work to align the necessary parts and pieces for a successful outcome. This is what few people understand, many believe they will be traveling alone, but this is not so. The journey of a thousand miles is a reconnection with the truth of who they are. Within this truth is a powerful source of love and guidance. It is this guidance that helps one navigate the road ahead, with the intention of reaching the best possible outcome.

Any final thoughts on the journey of a thousand miles?

Think of this journey as a way to give yourself the best chances possible for a truly happy and joyful life. The intention of this journey is to ask yourself what is true, right and important in your life, and then begin the journey to realize this dream.


Are you on a journey of a thousand miles? I think many of us are, although we may not be aware of it.

Let me know what you think. Leave me a comment or question, I’m always open to exploring the subject further.

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Why do we punish ourselves when things go wrong in life?

There is an expectation that mistakes are unacceptable. This originates from a fear of not being good enough, or being seen as incapable of accomplishing a task. This behavior is rooted in the false belief that how one performs is directly related to their self-worth.

When a person punishes themselves they do so from a place of self-judgement. They believed they have failed and judge themselves as unworthy of any form of kindness or self-love.

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Peace and well-being

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