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When we look at an average bicycle, it’s easy to see the parts that contribute to its forward progress. Press on the pedals and a chain moves across a sprocket, to another sprocket which turns the rear wheel. There is nothing of waste, or anything unnecessary. These parts help move the bicycle, everything contributes. It’s a joy when all the parts contribute to the overall success of going forward.

If we were to look at our own behavior, would our thoughts, words, and actions, contribute to the betterment of humanity? In other words, are we contributing to the overall health and well-being of those around us?

Some would argue that the health of those around us is their responsibility. But is this truly the case? Do the words we speak come from a place of love and compassion, causing those close to us to benefit from these positive emotions? Or, are we judging others as incapable of seeing the world as we do, while in doing so, create an environment of negativity, anger, and frustration? Either way we can ask ourselves if our actions are contributing to society, or feeding our ego.

With these thoughts in mind a conversation with my Inner Voice may give us much needed clarity to see if we are contributing in a positive way to the world around us. My questions will be in italics.


How will we know if our thoughts, words, and actions, are contributing to the world in a positive way?

Any thought, word or action that is not founded in love, kindness, and compassion, is not contributing to the improvement of mankind. Although it may be easy to try to fool yourself that negativity improves the world, trust it does not.

Think of negativity as sand in the gears of the bicycle. The chain may still turn around the sprocket, but it will have much resistance, and in time the entire system will fail.

Some would say that their negative thoughts, words, and actions, are not that powerful and do not impact the lives of others that much. What then?

Even the slightest amount of sand can cause the entire system to come to a grinding halt. The energy of negativity is more powerful than many people think. Negativity also builds in strength the more focus placed on it. Adding more sand  to the chain will not make the bicycle run smoother. Negativity effects life the same way.

Why is it our responsibility to contribute to the well-being of humanity?

Each person is an important part of the entire system. Just as the spokes of a bicycle wheel keep the wheel from collapsing, each person has something to contribute to the greater good. The challenge begins when people turn their focus on their individual needs without consideration of the well-being of others. This is not to say that a person cannot have nice things and a life of plenty. This means that when these things come at the expense of others, or the environment then this is an unhealthy way to live. It is the responsibility of everyone to contribute to the forward progress of creating a healthier life for everyone.

To see if we are contributing to the world in a positive way takes a level of honesty, doesn’t it?

If the intention is to create a better world for everyone then the intention will be one of love, kindness, and compassion. Yet if there is no reason to look within to discover the root of one’s behavior then there will be no honesty in one’s actions. It is here where negativity begins to cause more friction, slowing forward progress.

To be honest in one’s actions is to have a foundation of love, kindness, and compassion. It is honesty that will root out the need to judge others, because each person will be responsible for their own actions, each person will know if they are contributing to the betterment of humanity or not.

Any final thoughts on contributing to the health of the world we share with so many others?

Only through being honest will any contribution benefit humanity. To be honest with oneself, is to contribute the love of who you are, without the need to limit this love, or judge others who see the world differently.


Can we look at our lives and see if we are contributing to the benefit of all people not just a select few? Let me know what you think. Leave a question or a comment, I’m always open to expanding the conversation further.

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Is groundwork even a consideration in living our best life possible?

Groundwork is setting a direction for the course of action you are choosing to take. It is preparing the way forward. Think of groundwork as laying the foundation to all your hopes and dreams. If the foundation is solid you will have a firm foundation on which to build your dream, or accomplish a goal.

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Peace and good-health

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