Remaining True To Ourselves


I often think of the courage it takes to be true to ourselves. Many times the people in our lives want us to remain as we were, because it makes them comfortable. This can pose a challenge for us because who we were may not be who we want to become. This life change could be the best thing for us, though it may cause disappointment in others. But is their disappointment a good enough reason to silence our desire for a better life?

I remember a time in my life when I moved across the country. I was unhappy where I was living, and I knew this move would be the best thing for me. I knew because it felt right, as if all the missing pieces in my life were falling into place for me. This move took courage because I knew few people in my new destination. It took courage because I also knew that the people I was leaving behind would rather I stay. I had to make a choice, be true to myself, or remain where I was to please others. It was a tough choice but one I have never regretted.

Have you come to a crossroads in your life where you were faced with a similar decision? Remain true to yourself, or live a life that pleased others? With these thoughts in mind a conversation with my Inner Voice may add insight into remaining true to ourselves. My questions will be in italic for clarity.


How will we know if we are being true to ourselves?

There are many outside influences that can shape the way you experience the world. These influences help shape your life, and the way life reacts to you. When you begin the journey to find out your truth, you have to sift through any thought or belief, that does not bring joy and excitement into your life. Then you must work to release this belief from your consciousness. This joy and excitement is an emotion that originates deep within you and has a foundation rooted in love.

Any thought, or belief that is not founded in love is worth ignoring, or disregarding. It does not take much to recognize when you are unhappy. This feeling can be felt throughout your entire body, there is no mistaking this powerful negative experience. The feeling of being unhappy is telling you something must change so you can return to a place of happiness.

It is here where you begin to search for what will make you truly happy, a happiness that resonates deep within you. If you continue to pursue your true happiness you will begin to realize what it takes to be true to yourself.

We can be happy anywhere, at any time, but that doesn’t mean we are being true to ourselves. What then?

To be true to yourself, you must be honest with yourself. You may try to fool yourself that the superficial happiness you are experiencing is your truth, but you must look deep within yourself to find the authentic feeling of happiness. No amount of superficial happiness will create a lifetime of being true to yourself. There will always be reasons for why you are not happy to your core. This is a happiness that does not ask anything from others, all it asks is that you remain true to yourself, then live life by this truth.

That can be a big step for people who have lived a life thinking they are happy, yet deep down they are not.

People will often sacrifice their happiness for the benefit of others, thinking this behavior will make them happy. Yet at some level of consciousness they realize they are not happy and their sacrifice has separated them from a life they once wanted to live. To be true to yourself is to live the life you have always wanted to live, a live filled with joy, and self-love. Imagine living by your truth. How would that make you and others feel. There would be no need for self-sacrifice, no need to ask others to change to please you, just you being true to yourself, and everyone around you will benefit from the honesty you now portray to the world.

Being true to ourselves sounds selfish. Is this the case?

Of course it is selfish, that is the point, to selfishly discover the truth of who you are so you can live a life sharing your true self with the world around you, without asking others to sacrifice any aspect of their lives to make you happy. Being true to yourself is a positive selfish act of self-love.

Being true to ourselves is a positive act of self-love?

There are two sides to everything in life, selfishness is no different. When you begin to live your truth, you are becoming the person you were always meant to be. It is here where you can give yourself freely to others without condition or expectation of a reward for being kind and loving. To be true to yourself, is to love who you are, and then to share who you are with the world around you. Being true to yourself is the greatest gift you can give yourself and those in your life.


To be true to ourselves, what a powerful life goal.

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Each week I email a conversation with my Inner Voice. This week we discuss prayer. Can our thoughts, words and actions be seen as a prayer? Here is an excerpt.

Is prayer important to the outcome of our lives?

No matter if you pray for a request, or offer thanks, all prayers are heard, and answered. One problem with prayers of request is that many people have forgotten what they were asking for. How often do you wish for something, only to forget what it was you were wishing for. With a wish or a prayer, many times the intention is the same. This is why people say be careful what you wish for, because you may just get it. Be cautious with the intention of a wish or a prayer, the outcome may not be what you really wanted.

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I hope you and those you love are staying healthy and safe.

Thank you for being a part of this wonderful adventure called life. I appreciate your support.

Peace and well-being

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