Every so often I have to remind myself to trust the process. It can be a challenge at times because there is so much that is unseen. I cannot see who reads my articles, or visits my website, all I have is the ability to trust. Yet, at times, why is it so difficult to trust that everything is working out for my best interest?

It can be a challenge to have complete faith in the way things will work out. How often does self-doubt enter into our thoughts, thereby derailing our positive attitude. Do we ever questioned our self-doubt as much as we question ourselves? Why do we believe our self-doubt, and not trust ourselves. We know what we want, we may even know how to get there, but for some reason we do not trust ourselves enough to go after what we want. Why is that? Why is it so hard to trust ourselves?

With these thoughts in mind a  conversation with my Inner Voice may help us learn to trust ourselves and silence our self-doubt. My questions will be in italics for clarity.


Why do we not trust ourselves, or the process, as much as we should?

Doubt and self-doubt, are often created by the opinions of others. When there is a question in one’s mind they will seek the opinions of other people. They may trust these people because of the love they have for each other. Yet, opinions may be true and right for the person expressing their opinion, they may not be beneficial to the person who is looking for guidance.

Often the person seeking an opinion does not trust themselves enough to move forward in the direction they know will create the best outcome. In seeking an opinion they have more faith in the advice of others. Over time it may be easier to seek advice from others than run the risk of failure. Through all of this, doubt, and self-doubt begin to take root.

We don’t trust ourselves, because we trust others more?

If you were to follow what you feel is the right course of action—against the advice of a trusted friend—and fail, there could be some uncomfortable feelings between the two of you. At times it can be easier to please others and follow their advice than it would be to follow what you know to be true and right for you.

How do we learn to trust ourselves and silence our self-doubt?

No other person knows what is true and right for you as you do. You know the desired outcome you want to accomplish. You know how the thought of your desire makes you feel. It is this feeling, telling you that you are on the right path. If that feeling goes away, and you have an uncomfortable gut feeling, realize that you have veered off course. To get on the right track, work back until you have a feeling of excitement, happiness and joy. These powerful emotions are telling you, you’re on the true, and right course.

What about learning to trust the process? There is much we cannot see along our journey.

If you are on a path that is true and right for you, things will fall into place. You may think of them as coincidence, or synchronicity, but trust these experiences are there for your benefit. When you trust without hesitation, or doubt, events will align in your favor. Your ability to trust the process will determine the outcome of your dreams, and desires, if, your dreams and desires are true and right for you.

We have to trust that our desires and dreams are true and right for us before we will succeed?

A true dream and desire is one that has a foundation rooted in love. You will know if you are on the right track by the love you feel while pursuing your dreams and goals. This love is the truth of who you are, and the success of your outcome will be proportional to the love you have for yourself.

The more you realize this love, the more trust you will have in yourself, and the direction of your journey. When you love yourself, you will know what is true and right for you. You will not need the opinions of others to guide you through your day.


Can we learn to feel our self-love and trust ourselves? Let me know what you think. Leave a question, or a comment below. I’m always open to expanding the conversation further.

Each week I email a conversation to those who have subscribed to my weekly newsletter. This week I write about setting ourselves and others free through love. Here is an excerpt.

How does love set us free?

To love without condition, or expectation, is to be free from placing restrictions on your love. This is a state of love that asks nothing from others. Even if they are not aware of their true selves, or their inner self-love, the love you express toward them is unlimited in every way. In this state of love you are free because you are not asking others to change who they are to please you, or satisfy your requirements for sharing your love. You are not asking others to die a little bit to justify your love for them.

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Thank you for taking the time to read this post, I hope it was beneficial.

Peace and good health to you and those you love


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