Focusing Out The Noise


Years ago when I was a carpenter I learned to focus out the noise. It was my responsibility to figure out the stairs and roof rafters. I had to focus on doing the math correctly so no time, or material was wasted. A construction site can be a very noisy place, with nail guns, circular saws, heavy equipment, and many other distractions, focusing can be a challenge. But in time, I learned to tune out the noise.

The ability to focus out the noise has also helped me in my everyday life. Although at times this can be a challenge, most of the time what is happening around me does not bother me. No matter where I go, I work at focusing out the noise so I can continue to enjoy my inner peace. Yet noise is not only things we hear, it can also be the distractions we see.

How often have we looked to our phone to check for new emails only to be surfing the internet twenty minutes later. We have become involved in the noise. How do we focus out the noise? Is it possible to go through our day silencing the racket that is always around us? If we can focus out the noise, what will be the benefits?

With these questions in mind, a conversation with my Inner Voice may add some clarity to why it may benefit us to focus out the noise. My questions will be in italics.


Is it important to focus out the noise in our lives?

Much of what goes on in the outside world does not need your attention. Although curiosity can be a strong force, most of life is surrounded by noise. This noise can become a drain on your energy, emotionally, as well as physically. Often it may not be the situation before you that is zapping your energy, it is the noise around you that is the culprit.

When you can learn to focus out the noise, you will have more energy and may not feel overwhelmed as so often can be the case. The world is besieged with noise, and the noise of the external world impacts your inner world as well. There may be nothing you can do about the noise of the outside world, but you can learn to focus out this noise to regain a sense of inner peace.

Focusing out the noise can be a challenge, it seems as if we are addicted to what is going on in the world around us. The more we see, the more we want to see. How do we handle this?

Much of your focus on the outside world is a choice. You choose to get sucked into the distractions of the internet, the news, or what is happening next door. Yes, it takes inner strength to turn away and silence the noise, but this is the best thing you can do for yourself.

One way to shift your focus away from the noise is to ask yourself, if the source of the noise benefits your emotional health. If the answer is no, then it may be best to change your focus to things that are more beneficial to your health.

Our focus on the noise will have an effect on our health?

If the situation was pleasant, kind, and loving, then it would not be noise, it would nurture your soul. You will be healthier if you choose to ignore most of what is going on around you. Being informed is one thing, but it can quickly lead to a negative state of mind.

What are the benefits of focusing out the noise?

The intention is to be at a place of inner peace. This peace will balance your emotions, and keep you in a clear frame of mind. Even though you may think the noise does not bother you, the noise is energy that can impact your mental, and physical health. By focusing out the noise you are taking responsibility for your overall health.

A question to ask yourself would be, do you need the noise in your life? If so what are the benefits? Your inner peace is where you are the most connected to who you are. It is in this place of peace where you can tap into the wisdom of your inner voice and the loving guidance it speaks to you. Noise is most often just a distraction, while inner peace keeps you centered and true to yourself.


Is it possible to focus out the noise in your life? Let me know what you think. Leave me a comment or a question, I’m always open to exploring the conversation further.

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