Labels, Labels, Labels


Labels, labels, labels, everyone is given a label, black, white, Asian, Latina, them, us, Christian, atheist and many, many more. What is the point of these labels? Do we use labels to define who we are? Or do we use labels to separate ourselves from everyone else?

What if we were to remove these labels from our consciousness, and begin to focus on our similarities. Would there be more peace between people with different ethnic backgrounds? All people want clean water to drink, healthy food to eat, and a warm, dry, safe place to live. Would we be a more peaceful world if we focused on our commonalities and worked to raise all nations? I know this may be a big task to accomplish, yet this task can only begin with you and me.

The use of labels to define a group of people has been around for thousands of years, so to suddenly change the mindset of millions of people may be a challenge. But look where the label mindset has brought us. Each person has within them the ability to release the belief that those who speak a different language are somehow different, wrong, or do not belong.

If you were to travel to a foreign country with an uncommon language, you are not suddenly stupid because you do not speak their language. Just because people eat unusual food, or have different customs doesn’t mean you should hate them. But we use these examples as a way to judge people who we may know nothing about.

When we think of all of the labels we place on other people, realize that you are the definition of someone’s label. You are the image of someone’s stereotype. Now the tide has turned. How does this make you feel? They may know little about who you are, but they judge you because of a label someone in their life has taught them to place on you.

How do we change this behavior to reach a more peaceful world? It begins with you and me. If we were to release our need to label others, and begin to see them as people doing their best to live a peaceful and happy life, maybe we could create a more peaceful atmosphere around the globe.

Does this sound too simple for such a large powerful subject? Give it a try. The next time you are in town, try to see those who you think are different than you with similar dreams and goals as you. Look for the commonalities each of you have, and begin to interact with them through this new awareness. You may be surprised at how many similarities you have with those who at one time you may have judged unfairly.

The crux to releasing any judgement you may have, is to discover and release any labels you may have placed upon yourself. Yes, this could be a challenge, but the transformation will be powerful in bringing you closer to accepting yourself for who you truly are, which is not anywhere near the negative labels you have placed upon yourself.

Judgement is a large factor in placing labels on other people. Why? Because there is very little truth in any judgement, but we judge anyway without seeing this person or group of people, through our similarities.

At the core of all people is love, though many would deny this powerful truth. When we begin to experience the love within ourselves, we will begin to affect the world in positive ways. Now the challenge becomes, can we love those who pray, eat or speak in a different language? If the answer is no, then what are we afraid of? If the answer is yes, then we will begin to break down the barriers our labels place on people who live in a different part of the world.

Once again we return to you, me, and millions of other people who want world peace, none of us want to be boxed in by a label. We all want to find love, inner peace, and a civil world landscape. But if these aspirations are too large, then can we accept that those who appear different than us want a chance to live in peace and harmony as well. The only difference between you and them is that you may have placed them in a box that does not speak to their truth as humans.

I know if I am in a good place emotionally, without the need to label other people, I can share the love I have for myself, by a simple act of a smile or a kind word. What does this do for me? It proves to me that the smile on my face and the love in my heart, will ripple out to the world as a sign of compassion, and I choose not to place anyone I meet in a box with a label.

Does this sound too simple for the complex world we live in today? It may be for some. But for me, love, kindness, and compassion are all I truly have in this world. And because of this, these are the tools I will use to bring about peace in the world, one kind word, or smile, at a time with a lot fewer labels.


Is it possible to stop placing labels on other people? Let me know what you think. Leave a question or a comment below, I’m always open to exploring the subject further.

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Is it easy to judge because we do not want to do the work of finding the truth in a situation, or the reasons for a person’s behavior?

There may be a bias toward the person you are judging. This will prevent you from ever seeing them any other way. Many times you judge them on very little true information. This will limit your ability to accept that they are doing their best, no matter how badly you think they are doing.

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