It is odd how we can carry our resentments throughout our lives, even though they do not benefit us in any way. Are we still attached to the anger that formed our resentment? What would happen if we chose to release these negative feelings from our awareness? Would we live a healthier life?

We have to ask ourselves why we hold onto these negative feelings? Is it because they give us a sense of power and strength, that add to our identity? Could it be that our resentment justifies our anger and the way we treat others? Being in a constant state of resentment can’t be good for our health. How do we move past our negative feelings of resentment, and anger to reach a higher awareness?

With these thoughts in mind a conversation with my Inner Voice may add clarity to the subject of resentment. My questions will be in italics.


How does resentment originate?

Resentment builds with anger. The more angry a person is, the more they will be resentful to those who caused their anger. Resentment can also be an underlying emotion that adds fuel to a person’s anger. The resentment can be so volatile, all they need is a reason to become angry and they explode in rage.

Often, resentment and anger originate from the same experience. They feed each other, and give strength to each other. Resolve the root of the anger, and oftentimes the resentment is also resolved.

Why do we choose to carry resentment throughout our lives?

Anger as well as resentment, can add strength to a person’s identity justifying their negative behavior. They believe they have been harmed by others, and their anger keeps that energy active. Resentment can also be a place of comfort. They know the reasons for their anger, and they choose to remain in this place of comfort, even though this place is negative, and serves no positive purpose.

What does anger and resentment do to us?

Anger and resentment are powerful negative emotions that will limit the way a person experiences love, kindness, and compassion. Imagine anger and resentment, as a roadblock that will prevent positive energy from flowing. In time this energy will create emotional challenges in one’s life. These emotional challenges can manifest into physical difficulties.

How do we resolve the issues that created our resentment?

When a person carries anger and resentment through life, they may not be willing to examine the reasons for their emotional state. It may be easier, or less painful to keep moving forward, trying to ignore the root cause of their situation. To resolve their situation they must be willing to forgive those who hurt them, and then forgive themselves. People fail to accept the powerful truth, that they are doing the best they can at any moment in life. By choosing to forgive they release their need to be angry thereby releasing their resentment as well.

Forgiveness can be a challenge when it comes to those who hurt us, it could be too painful to forgive them. What then?

If forgiving those who caused your pain is too challenging, then it is beneficial to forgive yourself for carrying the burden of the emotional pain you have experienced. Once the act of forgiveness begins, then emotional healing will also begin. As long as there is no forgiveness, there will be no healing.

Forgiving ourselves seems odd. Why forgive ourselves, we may have done nothing wrong?

In any negative situation there can be much judgement, as well as self-judgement. This negative emotion can add strength to your anger and resentment. When you choose to forgive yourself there is a desire to move forward emotionally. Even though you may have done nothing wrong there can be much second-guessing, or self-doubt regarding the situation. Self-forgiveness allows you to release any negative feelings you may be holding within your consciousness. Forgiveness will help set you free from the painful experience.

Any final thoughts on resentment?

Resentment will limit the way you experience the world around you. When you are resentful, you are radiating negative energy, and this is the energy the world will hand back to you. Once you release your need to be resentful, your world will shift in a positive direction.


Anger and resentment can go hand and hand. Let me know what you think. Leave a comment or a question below, I’m always open to exploring the conversation further.

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