The Unexpected


Things happen in life we have no control over, yet the one thing we can control is our reaction to these events. Everything from the dog unexpectedly pooping on the floor, to the death of a friend or loved one, will cause an emotional reaction within us. It is these reactions that will determine how successfully we overcome the emotional challenge.

When things happen that throw us off our emotional center, it can be easy to stay in a negative place. One thing we must think about is that if we continue to remain in a place of negativity, it becomes harder to return to our place of center. The weight of the experience can also be too much to bear and moving back to center may take more time than we realize.

So how do we maintain center, or return to center when life throws us a curveball? Is being centered important? Is there anything to learn while we are off our emotional place of center? With these thoughts in mind a conversation with my Inner Voice may add clarity to how we handle the unexpected? My questions will be in italics.


The unexpected can encompass a wide range of subjects. How do we prepare for these events, or can we?

Within each unexpected event in life is a positive lesson. Although it may not be noticeable at first glance, a look deeper into the situation will reveal the lesson. This can be a challenge because some events seem to have no valid lesson, in this case the lesson may be to work at remaining centered as you work through the situation.

To prepare for the unexpected it is best to work at being centered throughout your day. If your commute takes you through heavy traffic each day, then try to release any frustration you may have toward your commute. The intention is to reach an emotional place where the situation does not control you emotionally. See it for what it is, and work to either resolve the situation, or do what you can to keep centered, by not allowing the experience to disrupt your emotional stability.

Staying centered through an unexpected experience sounds great, but at times it can be a challenge.

It is all about doing your best to remain in a clear headed frame of mind when the unexpected happens. If you can remain centered during the less challenging aspects of life, this will build your strength, and confidence when more challenging things happen.

If you fall off center and slip into negativity, recognize your negative emotions, and then work your way back to a place of center. The intention is to move to a positive state of mind as quickly as possible, because this is where true healing will occur.

How is there healing if the dog poops on the floor?

In this case the healing may be within you. Anger, frustration, or any negative emotions are not healthy, and in time can begin to break down your immune system. If you are trying to heal from an injury, or the loss of a loved one, being in a negative frame of mind will slow the healing process. It makes no difference if the injury is physical, or emotional, the quickest way to heal is through being emotionally centered.

What are the benefits of being centered? Why can’t we just be angry, or sad?

Being in an emotional place of center is where you are the most connected to the truth of who you are. It is here where you will clearly hear your loving inner voice. This is where you will hear the guidance you need to see the positive lessons in the unexpected experiences that happen in life.

Grieving the loss of a loved one is a natural process of healing. One way to ease the sadness would be to focus on the love you had for each other, and the positive impact they had on your life. Many positive lessons can be found in the relationships you have with loved ones. Focusing on these positive lessons may make the unexpected easier to accept.

Any final thoughts on the unexpected?

Unexpected events happen in life, it is here where positive growth can occur, if you are courageous enough to find the positive lesson within the situation.


Can we ease our frustration, or anger when the unexpected happens? Does the unexpected control us, or do we control the unexpected by remaining centered? Let me know what you think, leave a comment or a question, I’m always open to exploring the subject further.

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