When I think of filters, I naturally think of water filters, or engine oil filters, I rarely think of the filters we have available to us every moment of our day. These are the filters we would use with the words we speak, and the words of others we allow into our awareness. Filters such as these, keep unhealthy intentions and words from escaping our lips, yet they also prevent the words of others from impacting our state of being.

It may not take much to look back over life to see times when filtering our words would have been a good idea. But we may also recognize times when filtering what we have heard would have been a great benefit, as well. I’m not advocating remaining hard of hearing and silent. I’m talking about how we have control over the words we speak, and how the words we hear impact our behavior.

One question would be why do we allow the words of others to ruin our peace of mind? Is it because we have no filters to sort out what is important and meaningful from that which has the potential to hurt us emotionally?

Another question would be, are the words we are about to speak necessary, beneficial, or loving? Most times we realize our words were none of the above only after we have spoken them, but by then it may be too late.

I can remember a time when I said something I thought was funny, only to realize those hearing my words did not think so. I would have been better to filter my words, based on the emotional energy of the group I was with.

We have a responsibility to ourselves to keep negativity from affecting us emotionally. We also have a responsibility to filter what we hear so we can maintain a place of inner peace. When we do not filter what we hear, we have the potential to absorb this negativity into our consciousness. This negativity brings us down emotionally and can make life a challenge if the negativity is strong.

With these thoughts in mind a conversation with my Inner Voice about filters may add clarity to this subject. My questions will be in italics.


Do we need filters as a way to keep negative energy from impacting our lives?

Not everything you hear needs to be absorbed into your consciousness. You can hear it, recognize if it is worthy of your attention or not, and then choose to disregard it if it does not benefit you. This will keep your inner peace stable, and strong.

With your thoughts and words, not everything you think needs to be said. It is here where you can prevent an unpleasant situation from getting out of control, just by filtering out any negative intention, or word. Choosing to remain silent, can be your best option.

Why is it that people do not have filters on what they say, or how they hear what has been said?

Many people do not have filters because they have been taught to react instead of taking a few seconds to determine if they can choose a better way to respond. The ego wants to react to any word or deed that does not suit the ego. This type of behavior often leads to someone saying something they will later regret.

People will often choose to absorb what they hear into their consciousness. They do not have the awareness to discard what is not true or loving. Again, the ego hears these unpleasant words and wants to take action right away, but a few moments pause to filter through what has been said would be beneficial.

It seems odd that we need filters as a way to maintain our inner peace.

Few people realize they have a choice in what they say, and how they interpret what others say. If they are in a negative frame of mind, then everything they hear, or say, will have a negative interpretation. This kind of interaction can lead to a misunderstanding.

When a person is aware of their ability to filter their words and what they hear, they can focus on the message they are trying to express. There will be less anger, and frustration, as they will have the ability to remain focused on the message at hand.

Any final thoughts on filters?

Be aware of the words you speak and their potential to harm or heal. If a thought does not feel true or loving, it may be better left unsaid. Yet, this takes a moment of awareness to recognize the potential outcome of the words about to be spoken.

The words you hear can also be examined to see if there needs to be a reaction or not. This will help maintain a place of inner calm, and peace.


Do you have filters that help you maintain your emotional center? Let me know what you think. Leave a question, or a comment below, I’m always open to exploring the conversation further.

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