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One question I often ask myself, is how does that—thought, word, belief, or action—make my life better right now? Are the words I am about to write going to benefit myself, and others? If not then what is the purpose in writing them. The same goes with my thoughts, and my actions. In other words if it is rooted in negativity, what’s the point?

Which leads us to the question, is our current course of action making our lives better right now, or not? I understand we may be working through challenges and struggles. Even with these obstacles we can work at behaving in a way that will make our lives better. In doing so we will be improving the lives of those around us.

If bettering our lives is a challenge, what are the options? I would rather do the hard work of looking within myself to find what is true and right for me, and then work on improving my life because of what I have learned.

It’s not always easy to do the inner work to better our situation. Yet with a bit of courage and self-love we can overcome just about anything. To explore this topic further, I’ll seek the wisdom of my Inner Voice. My questions will be in italics.


Do we always have to live in a way that improves our lives?

There is no point in living in a way that limits your ability to live your best life possible. Imagine every negative thought, word, or action as putting the brakes on your forward progress. Think of how disruptive this would be to accomplishing any goal, or true desire. To live your best life possible is to seek the positive course of action and then move forward from there.

People believe that being negative helps them see the true nature of life, and that being positive is unrealistic.

People who choose to see negativity will see reasons for their negativity, thereby justifying their behavior. Those who choose to improve themselves by being positive, will have a much greater impact on the lives of those around them. When someone decides to seek what is true and right, they will radiate this honesty to those they interact with throughout the day. How people see the world is a choice that will determine the world in which they live.

Why is improving our live so challenging?

To improve one’s life is to change one’s life. It is these changes that can be a challenge. Many people do not want to change their living situation, they are comfortable with the way things are, and would rather others, and the outside world change to suit their needs, and desires.

If a person expects others, and the world to change to please them, they will always find a reason to complain, or to give up on bettering their lives. To enact true change, a person must be willing to begin these changes within themselves, otherwise nothing will change, and the world will become more challenging for them.

What do we have to do to improve our lives?

True change begins with changes in your thoughts, beliefs, words and actions. Any behavioral pattern not founded in love is a pattern that should be challenged and released from one’s awareness, and consciousness. These patterns of behavior if not challenged, will keep a person from the true changes they would like to see in their lives.

We can deceive ourselves into thinking our behavior is founded in love. How can we overcome this pattern?

You will know this love because it is a pure unconditional stream of love. If your thoughts, or beliefs have conditions, or limitations, they are not true sources of love. To better one’s life is to connect with this flow of pure love, even if it begins with changing the words you use. This is the beginning to bettering your life.

To better our lives we must become more loving?

To love yourself is the beginning of a life well lived. From this self-loving state of being, the world will be affected by your love. This is the way true authentic change begins.


To better ourselves and the world around us begins with loving ourselves.

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