The Lies We Tell Ourselves


What lies do we tell ourselves? Do we tell ourselves we are unworthy of the best life possible, and will never amount to anything? Do we accept the negative words we hear in our mind as true? How often have we told ourselves we are failures? The list could go on for a while. Yet why do we listen to these lies, and why do we believe them?

Much of what we believe about ourselves has been taught to us by those around us. When we were children we may have heard, she’s nothing but trouble, or he’s not very smart, from those who claim to love us. As time goes on we may begin to believe these words, hear them enough and this is where believing the lie begins.

It doesn’t end there. If we fail at a task, or a goal we may think we are failures. This belief could prevent us from trying again. Believing the lie that we are failures. It’s crazy to live this way, but how often do we challenge these lies? Are we courageous enough to take an honest look at our beliefs and determine if there is any truth, or self-love in them? Just because we have repeated a lie a thousand times does not make it true.

How can we recognize the lies we tell ourselves, and then how can we move toward a closer realization of our truth? With these thoughts in mind a conversation with my Inner Voice may help us clear away these lies to see the path to discovering our authentic selves. My questions will be in italics.


How can we determine if what we say to ourselves is a lie, or the truth?

Any thought, or word, you repeat to yourself, about yourself that does not have a foundation in self-love is a thought, or word that should be released from your consciousness, because it is a lie. To repeat a negative thought about yourself, is to continue telling yourself a lie.

If the thought is not rooted in self-love then it is a lie. Why is that?

The truth of who you are is founded in love, at the core of your being you are pure love. When you think about yourself in a negative way, you are denying yourself this eternal source of unconditional love. To live to the fullness of who you are begins with loving yourself without condition, expectation, or self-judgement.

If the core of my being is love, then why don’t I feel this love?

Your feeling of this powerful source of love is being blocked by the lies you believe about yourself. If you think you cannot find true, lasting love for some reason, you have convinced yourself you will never find love. What you say to yourself, determines the outcome of your life experience. If you repeat something that is not based on true self-love you are keeping yourself from feeling the joy and happiness of this everlasting love.

We often face many emotional or physical struggles in life. How can we move away from the inner dialogue that judges us harshly when these struggles arise?

With every experience in life there is an opportunity for a positive lesson, and growth. yet this can only happen when the negative self-judgement is silenced by the acceptance of your inner self-love. The crux of the issue is to silence the lies before they gain momentum, and begin to control you emotionally.

Your self-love is never-ending, this powerful source of love will never leave you when you are having a rough day. It is always there for you, but oftentimes the lies have been given more attention than your self-love. When experiencing emotional, or physical challenges, know that you are doing the best you can. The acceptance of this powerful truth will open the door to  the healing energy of your own, true self-love.

Is our negative self-talk and our self-doubt a lie?

There is no truth, or love in either. This is how you will know it you are telling yourself lies or not. If there is no love, the thought is a lie, if you are feeling love, then this is the truth.

It can be difficult to challenge our lies.

It can be difficult to challenge the lies you tell yourself, but if the intention is to live to the fullness of who you are, then you will have the courage and strength to do so. The life you have always wanted to live will be found once you stop the flow of lies you repeat to yourself.


How often do we prevent ourselves from living the best life possible because of the lies we tell ourselves? Let me know what you think. Leave a comment, or a question, I’m always open to exploring the conversation further.

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What is wrong with the stories we tell ourselves?

Repeating a negative story keeps you reliving the moment. This limits your ability to heal if the situation was painful. Yet it may also prevent you from seeing those involved for who they are in the present moment. Through this type of behavior there will be little positive growth from the experience.

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