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The other evening I watched two birds cross in front of me as I drove home. One was a large, beautiful hawk, the other was a much smaller  bird, relentlessly attacking the hawk. I was surprised to see the hawk ignoring the little bird, even as the larger bird landed on a perch.

The dinky bird did not let up, but the hawk appeared unconcerned. The hawk had the ability to do harm to the smaller bird, but I think the hawk knew there would always be another little bird harassing the hawk.

This made me think of how we can remain centered while trying to keep the outside world from disrupting our place of emotional stability. Is it possible to be so grounded in our inner peace that no matter what happens in our day we can remain emotionally balanced? Is getting to this place a distant dream, or can it happen for us?

With these thoughts in mind a conversation with my Inner Voice may lead us to the doorway of inner peace. My questions will be in italics.


With the busy lives we live today, is it even possible to reach a place of inner peace?

Inner peace is possible, and can be reached when people realize they can control how the outside world impacts their lives, as well as learning to control their reactions to the outside world. By reacting to the little bird the hawk has given its focus to the bird, away from the task of hunting for food.

When people allow the outside world to disrupt their emotional center, they have lost their ability to reach their place of inner peace. This is a  place of great comfort that can be attained at any time of the day. To feel the calm and tranquility of this sacred place, one does not need to meditate, or to be alone. Learning to block out the noise of the world will be the first steps to reaching inner peace.

Why is inner peace important?

Inner peace is a place of true peace and comfort. It is a state of being that allows you to experience the stillness of your true being. Your true self, is not the noise you hear repeated in your mind, day in, and day out. Being able to reach a place of inner peace will allow you to hear the truth your inner voice speaks to you. Few people understand that there is wisdom in silence. This silence is the foundation of a peaceful state of mind.

Think of how your life would change if you were able to block out the din of the outside world, as well as silencing the mental chatter that can go on nonstop. Just as the hawk can remain centered while the little bird is trying to disturb it, so, too will you maintain your center when you learn to control your reactions to the events life offers you.

Yes, but some of these events can be challenging, remaining centered can be a struggle. What then?

Within every life experience, you will find important lessons for your emotional and spiritual growth. Yet it takes an awareness that these lessons exist for your benefit, otherwise these experiences will be seen as struggles that make life more difficult.

Your state of mind is your responsibility. If you choose to become emotionally involved in every challenging situation, then realize you are being controlled by these experiences. The hawk could spend all its time chasing the irritating bird, but in doing so it would miss many opportunities to hunt and feed itself, and its family.

To remain centered in challenging situations does require inner strength, because it can be easy to lose control of one’s emotional stability and allow the situation to overtake your inner peace.

How do we learn to retain our inner peace when the world can be so complicated?

Your inner peace is where you are the most connected to your true self. This is where you will have the insights to know whether you should ignore the situation, or become involved. Just as the hawk knows the little bird poses no real threat, you can learn if a situation needs your attention. Or, if you should remain centered in the warmth of your inner peace


How do you handle challenging situations? Do you allow them to control you?  Or, are you like the hawk, seeing them, evaluating them, and then choosing whether to ignore them, or do something about them?

Let me know what you think. Leave a comment, or a question, I’m always open to exploring the conversation further.

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Peace and well-being


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