Love Is Freedom


It is odd how we claim to be free, yet we are bound by our negative emotions. How we claim to be free yet we choose to remain in the shackles of negativity, allowing world events to control our emotions, and the life we create from these emotions. Is that freedom? When we judge or ridicule others, are we free, or are we bound by our judgement?

Are we free to love without condition, or the expectation of love as a reward for love shown to others? Have we created a prison within ourselves because we are afraid to show the world our true selves? Is this freedom? When we allow others to control us emotionally because of their behavior toward us, are we free, or are we slaves to their behavior? Are we seeking their approval as a measure of our self-worth?

What is it to be free. Free from our anxiety concerning money? Free from the stress of everyday life? Or is freedom the ability to love without worry of how our love will be received? We love freely, and how this love is accepted is not our concern, that is the worry of those who our love is intended. The freedom to love without care of how this lo ve is perceived, isn’t that true freedom?

If life is lived with expectations, then our happiness is tied to these expectations. If life is lived by the everlasting love found within us, then there is no need to limit our love. No need to withhold love as a way to punish those who see the world differently than us.

If our love unites people together, then this is the truth of love, as no person is free if one person lives in bondage. When we love without condition, we love all people. When we withhold love, we imprison ourselves in a walled cell, without the freedom to live our own lives by the eternalness of this love.

To achieve freedom is to love ourselves without self-judgement, then to love others without condemnation of their life, even if it differs from ours. The chains of judgement are always close at hand, never too far away as it is easy to slip from our place of love to a place of self-described superiority. Yet to love without condition, or expectation, is to leave these chains behind, and live a true, authentic life of freedom.

Imagine a life without judgement, fear, or the need to hold others hostage by our ability to manipulate them through our capacity to withhold our love from them. Think of loving for the joy of loving, this is freedom. When we withhold love, we are not free, but prisoners of our negative desires to control others.

Authentic freedom begins with love. True freedom can only be moved forward by the energy of love. This is freedom. Love is freedom. When we love without condition or expectation, we are free and those around us are free as well


Is the path to freedom also the path to unconditional love? Or are we controlled by our inability to love freely?

Let me know what you think. Leave a question or a comment below, I’m always open to exploring the conversation further.

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