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When I learned to ride a motorcycle, I was taught that where the eyes looked, the body and motorcycle would follow. The lesson was, rather than look at the rock in the middle of the road, look for the open space, and you will avoid hitting the rock.

This is a lesson we can modify to fit into our everyday lives. How often do we focus on what we don’t want, only to see it come into our lives? Then when it happens, we ask ourselves why, as if we had no role in it coming to fruition. Is there a root to our behavior?

This does not mean we should ignore certain aspects of our lives. This means we can choose where we place our attention. Although there will be times when no matter what we try to do, we still end up hitting the rock. Why is that?

With these thoughts in mind a conversation with my Inner Voice may add clarity as to why, and where we choose to place our attention. My questions will be in italics.


If our focus is important then why would we choose to hit the rock?

People do not understand the power of their underlying emotions. Think of your underlying emotions as guiding you along the path you are on. If you are experiencing your self-love, and are kind to yourself and others, then your path will be one of love, and compassion. Your focus will be on the positive aspects of life. You will see and experience many joyful moments, and feelings of deep love.

If you are bitter about what has happened to you in your past and feel you must blame others for the current state of your emotional health, then your underlying emotions have a foundation of negativity. Life may appear fine, although you may struggle with maintaining your happiness and keeping a place of inner peace within your consciousness.

Choosing to hit the rock begins with the state of your underlying emotions. Science teaches that like attracts like. If you are focused on the negativity you see and feel in life, you will attract reasons to prove your negative underlying emotions.

We will be drawn to what we focus on, but it will be determined by our underlying emotions?

If you believe a certain breed of dog is violent, you will be afraid of this type of dog every time you encounter them. Your fear is enough to prove your belief, strengthening your underlying emotion of fear.

It is the same way with the other experiences in your life. No matter where you place your focus, your underlying emotions determine the emotional outcome of the situation.

Is there a way we can tell what our underlying emotions are?

This requires an honest look at your life. Are you experiencing many joys in your life? Do you go through the day with a positive attitude? Or, are you always seeing things, and people to criticize? Is judgement used as a way to make yourself feel better about yourself? You are looking for the root of the emotions that determine the outcome of your life. Be honest, with yourself. If you want to live a life filled with joy, love and happiness, it is important to understand why you choose to focus on the aspects of life you focus on.

If I hit the rock, I have chosen to do so? Why would I do that?

Hitting the rock is the result of focusing on what you do not want, yet you choose to do so because you see the rock as an obstacle, and you cannot see the open road beyond. Think of the rock as any negative experience in your life, past or present. Now think of the clear road beyond as the ability to choose love, kindness, and compassion. You can choose either one, but your choice will be influenced by the underlying emotions you hold within you.

How do we shift our underlying emotions so we can focus on a life filled with love, kindness and compassion?

People will choose to blame others for the struggles they face. They fail to realize their responsibility for their own happiness. As long as responsibility is not accepted, then a life of true happiness will always be elusive. By taking responsibility for your life you will move toward more positive underlying emotions.

If you want to release the hold negative underlying emotions have on your life, then it is important to forgive. Forgive yourself for carrying the burden of any emotional pain you have endured throughout life. Also forgive yourself for the harsh self-judgement that comes with carrying this burden, the judgement that says you should have known better, or you should have done better.

Forgiveness is one way to shifting your underlying emotions from those that are negative, to ones more loving and kind. Once the act of true forgiveness has begun, your focus will change and now you will be able to see the open road ahead, free of emotional obstacles.


Do we have the courage to look within and identify our underlying emotions?

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