The Heart or The Mind


To know the truth of who you are, is a strength few people will ever realize. This is living by the guidance of the heart, not taking direction from the mind. The mind has a purpose, yet it is the heart that knows the way.

Within my writings, the heart has been at the center of it all, yet the heart is often overlooked when it comes to leading a person to discover their true selves. It is the mind that gets offended, the mind takes issue, the mind gets angry. The heart knows only love, love for oneself, love for others, and an understanding that everyone—no matter how toxic they may appear—is doing their best.

The mind wants to judge others as a way to feel better about itself. The heart recognizes the love within all people and connects with this love. The heart connects with all beings, although the mind chooses to remain isolated from those who challenge the mind. The heart knows no boundaries, but the mind chooses to wall itself off from those who see the world differently.

Love transcends everything, yet few are willing to take this challenge, it is so easy to become angry, so easy to hold a grudge. The hard work begins when a person chooses to look within and recognizes the reasons for their pain and suffering. Oftentimes it is their own doing, other times they harbor anger for pain they have experienced at the hands of others.

The way through this pain whether self-inflicted, or caused by others is through the loving act of self-forgiveness, and forgiveness of others. Although forgiving others may be a challenge, forgiving oneself is the path to reconnecting with the love in one’s heart.

Nothing can be done to change the situation that caused the pain, but forgiveness is the path to healing the wounds. No amount of anger will ever make things right, only forgiveness can do that. It may not change the way things were but it will change the way things will be in the future.

If the thought of forgiveness, and self-forgiveness are too challenging it is because the mind wants to remain in control. When one releases their anger through the loving act of forgiveness the mind becomes useless on this subject, the mind wants to remain in control, even if that means causing more suffering. The mind cares about the mind, and does not care about the loving act of self-forgiveness.

It is much easier to be angry, than it is to look within and forgive. Yet forgiveness reopens the pathways to our loving heart, this is where true healing begins.


Are we living our lives with our heart, or our mind?

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Peace and well-being


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