The Unexpected


Each night when we go to bed, we expect that the next day will be a continuation of the day we just finished. Most of the times this is so, to the point where we say that life is a blur with our days running together. This may happen for weeks, even months, until the unexpected occurs.

The unexpected catches us completely off guard, that’s why it’s called the unexpected. Yet how can we ready ourselves to be more prepared for the unexpected? Then when the unexpected does happen, what can we do to help ourselves through the uncertainty?

With these thoughts in mind, I’ll seek the guidance from my Inner Voice. My questions will be in italics for clarity.


What is the best way for us to prepare for the unexpected?

You can have all of the physical supplies you need, yet if you have not prepared your state of mind,  you will find yourself struggling emotionally. To be emotionally prepared is to release the fear that may be associated with uncertainty. Often there is nothing you can do to physically prevent the unexpected. It is your attitude that will determine how well you do in a crisis.

Fear carries tremendous energy, this energy can throw you off of center. Being centered is important because this is where you are the strongest emotionally. It is also a place where you will be the most receptive to the positive guidance found within you. Access to this guidance will benefit you as you work through the unexpected.

How do we maintain our center when the unexpected happens?

When the unexpected happens, there may be much speculation as to the causes. It is here where there will be many conflicting opinions. To stay centered, sift through these opinions to find the truth that is right for you. This may require focus, depending on the severity of the event. Also, you can observe the situation without absorbing it into your consciousness. Recognize the unexpected event, look for positive lessons, then take the time to learn from these lessons. This will help you stay centered as you go through the days to come.

There are lessons in the unexpected?

Every event in life is an opportunity for positive learning. As you search for the lesson, you take much of the strength and fear away from the unexpected. The intention is to disarm the unexpected by trying to learn as many positive lessons as you can. These lessons will bolster your confidence and strengthen your place of center.

The unexpected can be very powerful, impacting many, many people. What then?

The best you can do for any unexpected situation is to stay true to yourself. If you become engulfed in fear, then this is the energy you will radiate to those you encounter. Being afraid will only cause you to see more reasons to be afraid. If you are in your place of center, receiving positive guidance from within, you will be an emotional benefit to those in your life.

There may be nothing you can do about the unexpected, yet you can do something about the thoughts you think, the words you speak and the actions you take. If you are centered you will be behaving from a place of balance, and not from a state of fear. The positive energy of one person will carry much further than the negative energy of fear.

How do we handle the uncertainty of an unexpected event?

Each moment in life is a moment that will never be repeated. Each word, and each action is a representation of what is happening within you. Words and actions cannot be reversed once they are said and done. The uncertainty you speak of, is rooted in the belief that there will always be another day to continue what was unfinished today. The only thing that is true and real is this very moment in time. When people begin to accept that what they have right now may be all they will ever have, they will begin to appreciate those in their life.

Few people understand that the unexpected may have hidden gifts within it. These gifts may be as simple as watching the sunrise, or as powerful as the unexpected touch of a lover’s hand. The unexpected is not always a bad thing.


Is it possible to remain centered and true to ourselves when the unexpected happens? Can we see the positive lessons in unexpected events?

Let me know what you think, leave a comment, or email me at, I’m always open to exploring the subject in more depth.

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Peace and well-being

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