In my first year of high school, I was diagnosed with a form of arthritis in my knees. I was prescribed two aspirin every four hours, for a total of twelve aspirin a day. The intention was to relieve the swelling and tightness in the joint.

One of the side effects of this regiment was constantly feeling lethargic, and a mind filled with fog, which led to most of my free time taking naps. As you would imagine my grades and social life suffered, and I was struggling emotionally.

Out of the blue a friend who knew nothing about my arthritis, suggested I try out for the track team. His words unlocked the courage within me to say “enough”. Enough of being tired! Enough of my foggy mind and lack of concentration. Enough of my first year in high school being a blur. Enough of my failing grades. I didn’t care what the doctor said, I had enough of the remedy. I stopped taking the aspirin that day, and never took another throughout the remaining  years of high school.

How often do we have the clarity and the inner strength to say enough? To stand true to ourselves and shout to the world, “I have had enough, and I’m going to take control of my life.” Yes, this takes courage, but whose life is it anyway? Who is going to look out for our own best interest?

Can we find the courage within us to say enough when it comes to the emotional, or physical pain we often suffer each and every day? I felt I would rather fall flat on my face on the track than spend one more day suffering while taking the remedy.

Why is it so difficult for us to say, enough? Is it possible we choose to carry the burden of our pain because saying enough is too challenging? What does it take to say enough, even though we may have no idea what the alternative may be?

With these thoughts in mind a conversation with my Inner Voice may add clarity to the subject of saying enough. My questions will be in italics.


Why is it so hard for us to say enough?

There is a fear that what you are going through may be better than the alternative, even if you do not know what the alternative may be. The discomfort you feel is familiar, and you think challenging this familiarity could make matters worse.

You could have chosen to keep taking aspirin, trusting the advice of those around you. But you chose to see what other options were available to you. In having the courage to trust what was best for you, you said enough.

Within each person is an everlasting source of love, it is this self-love that gave you the courage to question the remedy and seek a better solution. Many people dismiss this loving source of guidance because they do not trust themselves to know if the guidance is true, or if they are hearing their negative self-talk.

At the time I never thought of it as an act of self-love, I just wanted a better life.

To seek a better life is a courageous act of self-love. It is courageous because many times you are asked to fit into the comfort zone of others. In behaving this way you block the never-ending flow of your own self-love.

By refusing to take the aspirin you challenged the beliefs of others, yet you took responsibility for your health into your own hands. Often people will seek the guidance of others before they look within themselves for the answers that suit them best. In time they trust those around them more than they trust themselves. It is here where it is challenging to say enough, because there is a chance of disappointing others by speaking up for yourself.

What about emotional pain, can we say enough to that, and begin the healing process?

Saying enough to any physical or emotional pain is the beginning of the healing process. As long as you remain silent, the pain will continue to control your life. Saying enough is the beginning of the road to recovery, whether it involves physical or emotional pain.

When I think about it there was both physical and emotional pain to resolve. Having failing grades does not make a person feel very good about themselves.

You can say enough as many times as needed to keep the healing process moving forward. People often overlook the tremendous emotional strength they possess. They believe their pain is in control, yet it is only in control because they give it the power to do so. By saying enough you tap into your inner strength and regain control of the direction your life is headed. This is where true healing takes place.


As it turned out, by saying enough, in my senior year of high school I went to the state track championships and ran a personal best in the 800 meter run. I also graduated on the honor role. Saying enough changed the course of my life.

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