Mirror of Our Consciousness


To know the truth of who you are is to recognize the eternal love flowing within you. It is this love that will lead you to the life you intended to live. You cannot sit on your hands, repeating the same behavioral patterns and expect to live a life of infinite possibilities. To discover this love, you must question your thoughts, and beliefs. It is here where you begin to see the reasons why you have chosen to sit on your hands.

Fear plays a large role in remaining in place. One reason for this fear is a lack of inner courage, the courage to step into the unknown and know it will all work out. There is also a fear of looking within yourself to see if your behavior is the root of this fear. It can be easy to blame others, yet to take responsibility for yourself takes courage, and a willingness to accept that your behavior may be the reason for your discomfort.

Your consciousness has no bias, nor does it sugar coat what it reflects. What you see in the mirror—if you are truthful—may not be pretty, yet it is a reflection of who you show to the world. No matter how you spin the results, you are responsible for what you see. To blame others is to shift responsibility for your happiness to others. You will never be truly happy if you try to use negativity to achieve happiness. True happiness is to be found in love.

The mirror of your consciousness knows nothing of blame, all it does is reflect the truth of what it sees. Sure you can try to hide from the reflection, but deep within, you know the truth—the mirror does not lie. Yet how often do we lie to ourselves? Telling ourselves a lie to justify our negative behavior, lying to ourselves as a way to place blame on others. Do we lie to others as a way to gain their favor? Or, do we lie as a way to justify our negative behavior. As with any other thought or belief, a lie gains strength the more we repeat it, no matter if it is to ourselves, or others.

Often we use the lie because we are afraid of seeing the truth reflected back to us when we take the deep dive into our consciousness. This is lying to protect ourselves from a truth we do not want to face. If we have enough belief in the lie we become comfortable with the lie, and it has the power to become a part of who we show to the world.

Are we courageous enough to question the lie? To challenge the lie we must first recognize that it serves us no true good, and it is keeping us from living to the fullness of who we are. We must realize that to live an authentic life we must dismantle the emotional system that allows the lie to flourish in our consciousness.

One of the challenges we face with questioning the lie, is by doing so we may shake the foundation of our life experience. Have we built a life centered around this lie? What will happen if we choose to question the validity of the lie? Will our lives fall apart? Or will they fall together?

How do we know if we are carrying a lie in our consciousness? Any thought, or belief not founded in pure, unconditional love is in essence a lie. It has no truth, it is not honest, and many times we use the lie to blame others for the lack we see in our lives. If we believe we lack love, we blame others, lack money, blame others, lack a fulfilling life, blame those around us. Such thoughts are lies we tell ourselves because it makes us feel better about the lives we have chosen to live.

While we struggle with these questions, the fullness of who we are waits, the eternal love found by recognizing the truth of who we are flows past. When we find the courage to question our thoughts, and beliefs, including the lies we tell ourselves, we begin to live a life free from fear, because we can accept the truth of who we are, and the responsibilities that go along with this truth.

The clear path forward is to take an honest look within ourselves and ask the tough question, “What is your responsibility for how life has unfolded?” Sure, you may have had a painful life, yet healing from this pain is your responsibility. The outcome of clearing away the lies we tell ourselves, is love. A love that needs no justification, no reason other than to love.

This is how we discover the truth of who we are. This is the life we have intended to live, not a life of fear, not a life of anger, nor is it a life of lying to ourselves. Is it possible to see we have hindered our own ability to live to the fullness of who we are? To live life as it is meant to be, is to live a life filled with true, pure love. Yet to realize this love we must be courageous enough to look in the mirror of our consciousness and accept our responsibilities as we seek the truth of who we are.


Do we have the courage to look within ourselves to discover the mirror of our consciousness? What would we see reflected back to us?

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Few people realize that asking for help is a powerful act of self-love. They  believe that to validate their love for themselves they must accept one more responsibility. They fear that by saying no, they will lose the love they are trying so hard to feel from others. To recognize one’s true self-love is to know one’s limitations, and then express this when asked to carry one more responsibility.

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