The Burden of Anger


Our emotional wounds are often manifested in our behavior. At times this is easy to see, yet at other times we hide them just below the surface. It takes courage to heal these wounds because oftentimes we create a persona we use to carry our wounds with us everywhere we go. We may become so comfortable with our persona we no longer notice the separation between our true selves, and who we show to the world.

The fear of self-examination, an honest examination may keep us from healing. In any true self-examination there will be an opportunity to question our beliefs and how these beliefs have affected the outcome of our lives. Yet few people take this journey because there may be too much emotional pain.

The thought of accepting responsibility for the outcome of our lives may challenge many. It is much easier to point the finger of blame toward others, than it is to point it at ourselves. The sad truth about this is many people refuse to look at themselves in the mirror and honestly evaluate their own behavior. Honestly looking within their own lives to see how often they have been the root cause of their pain.

Even if our pain has not been self-inflicted the responsibility for our healing is our responsibility. As they say, anger is holding onto a hot coal and expecting it to harm another person. Even though the pain may be too much to bear, holding onto the hot coal justifies our anger. We do not realize that healing will not take place as long as we continue to grasp the burning coal.

The issue with this behavior is, if no healing occurs then our anger radiates out to the world around us. This will cause us to feel isolated and this isolation grows the more we refuse to heal. Refusing to heal may sound harsh, yet why else would we refuse to look within ourselves and search for a way to clear our anger from our consciousness. Is it because our anger gives us an identity, a sense of purpose? Does our anger give us a backbone that carries us through the day? Not knowing that this backbone is breaking down with each day we carry the burden of our anger. Our strength is weakening each day, and we need new reasons to be angry as a way to strengthen our spine.

Yet we fail to realize the weight of our anger is crushing us. To bear the weight we seek more reasons to be angry, believing our anger gives us strength. At some point we may be able to break free from the weight, but only if we take an honest look in the mirror of our consciousness and see the burden of our anger.

To heal is to realize that anger is an unsustainable way to live. We must clear our anger from our awareness if we want to live better lives. Yet to have a desire to heal takes courage because this is where we come face to face with our responsibilities for our own life.

The act of healing is an act of true self-love. We heal by loving ourselves. Not a love that justifies our anger, or our egocentric persona. A love founded in truth, and self-honesty. This is the love that has always been within us, yet we have allowed our anger to dictate the outcome of our life choices.

When love replaces our anger we will see love manifesting in our behavior. This is how healing begins to take root in our consciousness. This is how life is meant to be, living through the powerful, eternal love found within us.


Are we courageous enough to look within and heal our emotional wounds?

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