True to Ourselves


Trusting and being true to ourselves are challenges we may face each and every day. When we trust ourselves we do not need the opinions of others to validate our existence. We know what is true and right for us, because we have taken the time to look within ourselves and discover the truth of who we are.

Even though this truth may not align with the beliefs of others, it is here where we begin to be true to ourselves. Yet our truth has no desire to change to be accepted by others. Our truth has no need to judge others either. When we change who we are to please others we are turning away from a life filled with self-honesty and love.

When we become what others want us to become, we do so because we believe their approval of us is a sign of their love for us. This may be the case, although by doing so we shift our focus away from our truth and accept the beliefs of someone else. In doing so we turn away from our own true selves.

Why is it so important for us to be accepted by others? Is it because we are not aware of our own self-love, a source of love that has no limitations, boundaries, or expectations? How often have we expected love as a reward from those around us as a way to justify the choices we have made? We may not feel comfortable with our choices, yet we expect to feel love, and the approval of others. If their approval does not ease our discomfort, we try to change ourselves a bit more to feel their validation.

We then begin a cycle of seeking love and approval from others by changing who we are, in time we may not recognize who we see in the mirror. We have traveled down an unfamiliar road, a road we really don’t want to travel, but we believe that love is at the end of this road. The love we seek from those in our lives is conditional. If we behave a certain way we will feel this love, if we do not act as they like, we feel their disapproval.

We do not want to feel the disapproval of others, so we change who we are with the expectation of being approved of, the next time something is asked of us. Our sense of self—who we believe we are—is founded on how others react to us, although this is not our true worth. This is who we think others want us to be.

When we live this way we do not trust ourselves. It is this trust that allows us to be true to ourselves. Often we trust others more than we trust what we know to be true and right for us. If we behave this way remaining true to ourselves is almost impossible.

How do we move away from this way of life to one more in-line with the truth of who we are? The path to discovering our true selves, is also the path to loving ourselves. One of the challenges we face when we seek the approval of others, is we often judge ourselves as unworthy of our own self-love. We have been asking others to validate our existence by expressing their love for us. This becomes such a powerful need, we do not take the time, nor do we have the emotional strength to begin the journey of our own self-discovery.

As we break free from the emotional bondage we have placed on our lives, we begin to see that we can love ourselves fully. One way to accomplish this is to question every negative thought or belief, we have about ourselves. We are trying to see if our thoughts and beliefs, have a foundation rooted in unconditional love. If not, then it is a thought or belief, that serves us no good.

We cannot love ourselves as we criticize ourselves for one reason or another. To love ourselves without expectation or ridicule, is to accept that on any given day, at any given moment, we are doing the best we can. This releases our need to judge ourselves as not being good enough. It also gives us the strength and courage to ignore the negative opinions others have toward us.

Only we know what is true and right for us. By accepting that we are always doing our best, we open the door to loving ourselves, we open the door to learning to trust ourselves, in doing so we walk into a life founded on our true self-love.


It takes courage to learn to trust and be true to ourselves. Yet the intention is to love ourselves.

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