A number of years ago Harley Davidson Motorcycle Co. ran an ad campaign that listed the days of the week: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday… . Then the ad read, “See, there is no someday.” After reading that, I cut out the ad and placed it on the refrigerator as a reminder that someday doesn’t exist.

How often do we repeat the words, someday I will… , someday, we will… , someday I’m going to… ? With all that is going on in the world today, it  appears that someday may never arrive. Why do we wait for someday?

What if we were to live as if today is someday? Would we search out the online classes we have been waiting to pursue? Would we sit down and write the books we have been waiting years to write? Would we tell those we love, how much we love them? What would we do if we accepted today as someday? How would our lives change?

With these questions in mind, I’ll seek the wisdom of my Inner Voice on the subject of someday. My questions will be in italics for clarity.


Why do we believe that someday will suddenly appear on the calendar?

There is always the hope that tomorrow will be better than today. Or tomorrow you will have the time to do what you have always wanted to do. With this mindset there may be more focus on the future than on the present moment. This takes energy away from the possibilities that exist in the here and now.

While waiting for someday to arrive, there may be many missed opportunities that only present themselves in the here and now. People who choose to live in the moment may be seen as reckless by those waiting for someday. This lifestyle appears to be one with little planning, or forethought. Yet, all that is real and true, is in the present moment.

Many believe we should sacrifice our happiness now, for a reward of happiness in the future. Is waiting for someday wrong?

What is the point of sacrificing your happiness now for happiness that may arrive someday? What if life shifts, situations change, and things don’t work out as you had planned? The delay in happiness has not gained you anything. You have chosen to miss a large part of life, because you believe happiness will come in the future.

Are you advocating an instant gratification lifestyle?

There is a difference between instant gratification, and wanting to live to the fullness of who you are in the present moment. Instant gratification is seeking the thrill now, without regard to its longevity. To live your best life, is to live without denying your true dreams and desires.

Imagine having a desire to study art, or any subject that has been burning within you for many years. To begin this study would cause great happiness within you, and may fulfill a longtime dream. This study would be a source of lasting joy and happiness. It may even change the direction of your life. Yet, if you postpone this study because you believe there are many other important issues at hand, you are denying yourself this happiness and joy.

It can be hard to find time to pursue a dream in our busy lives. How do we find balance?

If the desire is true to who you are, then the time will become available to you. To pursue a desire may require an examination of your current life situation. You may only have a few minutes each day to begin your studies, though it may not seem like much time, the joy of those few minutes may boost your state of mind to a positive place.

The intention of the present moment is to recognize that someday never arrives, and you may want to seek the life you desire now instead of waiting. There will be joy found in the pursuit of your dream, this joy will help create a life worth living.

Should I buy the motorcycle?

If the motorcycle is a true desire, and you believe it will bring you great joy, then make the choice that is rooted in self-love. Although it is not just in the physical world that someday may never arrive. Say the loving words you have been waiting to say, yet were afraid to say. Clear your conscious of any misunderstandings now because someday it may be too late. Learn to speak with love, kindness, and compassion, and see how quickly the world around you responds to this positive behavior.

People place too much emphasis on waiting to do things in the future—until the time is right. The time is right when you think of doing it now. This is where the inspiration will be found, right here, right now. You may never have the level of inspiration as you do now. Someday may never arrive, but the present moment, is here now.


Is there a someday in your life? How often do we put off a goal because we think we will have time in the future?

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