When we look around the world today, we may find people who challenge us emotionally. Maybe their beliefs do not align with ours, or maybe they are always negative. It can be easy to recognize those who challenge us, but what if they are in our lives for a reason. Is it possible people who challenge us might have important lessons to teach us? Not all lessons are learned through love, kindness and compassion, some are learned through difficulty, and taught through adversity.

Is it beneficial to see challenging people as teachers, thereby recognizing the lessons they have for us? Or are they just difficult people and we ignore the lessons they have? Does our attitude change when we notice the lessons challenging people have to teach us?

With these thoughts in mind a conversation with my Inner Voice may add clarity to this topic. My questions will be in italics.


Do all challenging people have lessons to teach us?

Everyone has something to teach others, yet challenging people can often teach positive lessons that will benefit many people. Initially these people are often disregarded because of their negative behavior, it takes an insightful mind to see the lessons they have to teach.

What if challenging people are so disruptive to society we can’t see the positive lessons they are teaching?

Beneath their disruptive behavior will be found many lessons, but it takes a courageous person to see these lessons. It is easy to judge them for the way they act, or treat others. When the need to judge is set aside the positive lessons become clear. It takes inner strength and courage, to find the positive lessons in negative situations, because it is easy to judge, or look away based on the negativity challenging people share with the world.

Why is it so hard to see the positive lessons challenging people are teaching us?

If a person’s behavior is negative then they will receive a negative reaction from others. This negative reaction blocks the ability to look past the negativity, thereby limiting any clarity that must happen in order to recognize the positive lesson.

What do we have to do to see the positive lessons negative people are teaching?

There is always a positive lesson in negative behavior, or situations. To notice the lesson one must step away from a negative mindset, and welcome in new and different ways of thought. If you are reacting in a negative way, you will find reasons to be negative. The challenge is one of moving to a higher state of awareness where negativity does not cloud your ability to see the lesson clearly. You must be in a positive frame of mind in order to see the positive lessons taught by challenging people.

I’m still thinking about learning positive lessons from people who are challenging, and negative. This can be tough for people to accept.

It can be tough to accept because often it is easy to judge negative people as wrong, out of touch with the world around them, or who are self-serving. Judgement is easy, taking a step back to recognize the positive lesson in negativity is where inner growth will be found.

Challenging people are challenging for a reason, they are teaching you important lessons meant for your emotional and spiritual growth. The challenge for you becomes one of looking within yourself and asking what lessons do you need to learn from them. You may be lacking compassion, or you judge too quickly, you may even need to be more loving and kind toward those with whom you disagree. Whatever the lesson there will be an emotional response within you, the root of this response may be the foundation of an important life changing lesson.

Being more loving and kind to negative people can be a big challenge for many people. How do we shift from judging them to being loving and kind?

Your judgement of them is a signal that you have moved away from the love that is the truth of who you are. Everyone is doing the best they can, whether you see it this way or not. The lessons challenging people are teaching are rooted in the higher emotional states of compassion, kindness, and love. Once you move into these higher positive emotions, those who challenge you will no longer control you emotionally. You are now in an elevated level of consciousness and you can see those who challenge you with love, kindness, and compassion. From their negative lessons you have learned to raise your awareness to one that will benefit more people than the negative behavior of challenging people.


Can we learn from those who appear challenging to us?

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Withholding love as punishment is a learned response, because anyone who is living their truth—through the eyes and heart of love—would not behave this way. To truly love someone is to love them without condition or expectation.

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  1. I wrote about something similar in my own blog. If we are humble enough we can learn about ourselves even in the diffcult situations


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