The Rearview Mirror


The interesting thing about the rearview mirror in the car, is you get to look at where you have been once you drive past. This mirror comes standard in all cars and trucks because it is beneficial to see what is behind you.

What would happen if a rearview mirror became standard in our awareness, giving us the ability to see how we affect those in our lives? Would we be pleased with what we saw in this mirror? Would our behavior bring smiles or frowns, to those we just interacted with? Does our tough love attitude actually bring love?

To step aside and take an honest look at our behavior requires tremendous courage. We could easily justify the way we treat others as just the way we are. But is this the truth, or just a choice we make because showing our true selves to the world frightens us.

Can we accept that we can choose our behavior? Do we react to others through love, or not? How often do we treat others poorly because our behavior makes us feel superior? With these questions in mind a conversation with my Inner Voice may add clarity to the subject of how we treat others. My questions will be in italics.


Are there any benefits from looking in the rearview mirror to see how we treat others?

Many people fail to realize how their behavior affects others. They may think they are being kind and sincere, yet their behavior may reveal something different. One of the benefits would be seeing if how you think you behave matches how you do behave. This will allow you to change in a positive way thereby having a positive effect on the world.

What if we take an honest look in the mirror and we don’t like what we see? What then?

If you do not like what you see, this could be a time for positive change and growth. To be honest with oneself is to open oneself to positive change. Few people have the courage to take an honest look within themselves. When a true inner journey is begun then it is here where life begins to expand away from negativity toward a more positive, and truthful life.

The intention of an inner journey is to discover the truth of who you are, where the destination is love. If you do not like what you see, it may be because you are not living a kind and loving life.

Does this mean we should always behave in a way that pleases others?

The rearview mirror is intended to be a guide to let you know if you are kind, compassionate, and loving. If you change who you are to please others you are not being loving to yourself. To be honest with yourself means you do  not have to put up a false front when you are with other people. You can be your true self without having to change who you are as a way to please them.

Basically we use the rearview mirror as a way to see if we are being true to ourselves, or if we are putting up a false front?

To take an honest look at yourself is a tremendous act of courage and self-love. You look within yourself as a way to improve your life. There is no other way to see if you need to improve yourself other than to look in the mirror to see if what you see matches the truth of who you are.

If what we see does not match the truth of who we are, what then?

This gives you an opportunity to release the behavioral patterns that do not serve your best interest, and adopt patterns that will benefit you throughout the course of your life. The intention is to be loving and kind. By looking in the rearview mirror you will recognize those traits that do not add to the benefit of your life.


Do we have the courage to look in the rearview mirror to see if we are treating people with kindness, or not?

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When we realize how harmful judgement can be to our health and relationships, we may begin the journey to rid ourselves of this behavior. The best way to accomplish this is to accept the loving belief that everyone is doing their best, even you.

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