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In a recent conversation with a friend the term, generational curse, came up. I have an idea what that’s about, but I wanted to explore the subject further for more clarity. The wonderful thing about the Internet is in a matter of moments you can have more than enough information at your finger-tips.

One definition I came upon was from, “any negative cycle a family traps themselves in, including: alcoholism, drug addiction, gambling, or poverty mindset …” to name a few. These are some powerful traps that can be handed down through generations.

The question most important to me is how do we break out of these cycles, so we can prevent those around us and our children from inheriting these curses. With this in mind a conversation with my Inner Voice may shine some light on the topic of generational curse. My questions will be in italics for clarity.


How will we recognize if we are living and passing on a generational curse?

There will be a common link between your life and the lives of your ancestors. To recognize this commonality will take an honest desire to find the root of one’s behavior. It may be easy to take the less challenging  road and say that this infliction is not in one’s family. This will just continue the cycle.

If the intention is to stop this cycle, then the journey will be worthwhile but may not be without some discomfort. This requires an honest evaluation of one’s own behavior.

We inherit the curse, but we also pass it on to those around us. Tell us more.

People fail to realize the power their words and actions have on others. If a belief has been passed down through generations, the belief has tremendous strength. One reason is because few people have questioned the belief, also it may be difficult to go against those who have reinforced the belief through their lives. At that point it may be easier to remain silent and accept that this is just how life is.

I imagine it would take tremendous courage to look within, challenge a long held family belief, then question those who have lived this way for years.

There must be an awareness that this curse is limiting one’s true potential, otherwise nothing will change. Many times it is a spouse or close friend that caused one to look within and recognize the limitations a generational curse has on them.

It is not uncommon for people with similar generational curses to be friends or marry. Each person finds familiarity with the other person’s curse, and chooses to accept it as just who the other person is.

If there is so much strength in these generational curses, how do we break this pattern?

Any generational curse is a sign that there is a lack of self-love, and low self-esteem. This gives the curse ample opportunity to grow in strength. There is little courage to look within and challenge the curse. When one realizes they are being controlled by a generational curse they can begin the journey of healing themselves. This work may involve seeking outside help, but it also requires one to look deep within themselves and begin to unearth their inner self-love. The intention is to release the curse and begin to love oneself, without the need to return to old unhealthy patterns of thought and behavior.

We have these patterns of behavior because we do not love ourselves?

When a generational curse is passed down through generations the focus is on the curse, not on finding a way to heal and begin to love oneself. Oftentimes the curse is so subtle it may not be noticed until life falls apart.

To heal oneself, is to begin the task of learning to love oneself, and understand that life can be successful without carrying the burden of guilt or shame because of something one has learned from others in one’s family.

A generational curse, not only effects the immediate family, it affects others as well?

A person’s behavior impacts many people, not just the immediate family. This is why it is important to step back and recognize the family curse, so healing can begin and lives can improve.

We have to be willing to change our lives when we begin this journey of honest self-reflection?

If the intention is a better life for you and your family then the journey must be undertaken. Remember this curse is passed down through generations, ask yourself how your behavior effects the younger generation under your care. Do you want them to pass the curse onto their families?


Now that’s something to contemplate. Let me know what you think. Leave a question or comment below, or email me at I’m always open to expanding the conversation further for clarity.

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