The Courage to Move Forward


How often have we had the courage to move forward into situations that tested us emotionally, physically, or spiritually? We knew these experiences would challenge us, but they had to be dealt with, and resolved for the best possible outcome.

It may not be easy facing challenges head on, although this could be the best way to arrive at a positive conclusion. How many times have we put off making a choice that will improve our lives because we were afraid of the life changes that may occur?

Do we choose to remain in an unsatisfying relationship? Have we stayed in a job that does not show us the respect we deserve? Is it possible the path to our authentic self means we must separate ourselves from those who drag us down emotionally?

These choices and many others require courage, because life changes can cause a level of fear within us. If fear is the reason we do not move forward toward a better life, then what is the root of our fear? Don’t we want healthier relationships, a better job, or friends who support us through all of the struggles we face? If we decide to stay where we are because of fear, we are choosing to limit the quality of the life we have.

This is where finding our inner courage helps us move forward toward a fulfilling life. We can ask everyone we know for advice on which direction we should take, and each one of them will have a different answer. Their advice will be based on a point of view generated from their life experiences, and may not have a full understanding of what this move means to us.

Think of how confusing it would be if we asked everyone for advice. We may never move forward because we are too overwhelmed by all the opinions we have received. Yet when we have the courage to trust ourselves, and we understand what is true and right for us, we may not need the opinions of others as a source of guidance.

The thing about learning to trust ourselves is in doing so we begin to recognize a source of inner love that may have been previously unknown to us. In a sense when we are courageous enough to trust ourselves, we are also courageous enough to love ourselves.

It seems odd that love is the foundation of our authentic courage, but where else would the strength to change our lives come from? True inner love will not be discovered in the opinions of others, nor will it if we change who we are as a way to please them. Our inner self-love will be realized in our behavior that improves our life so we can live to the fullness of who we are.

This takes courage because there are those in our life who would rather we stay as we are. The thought of us seeking a life that strives to encompass the fullness of who we are may threaten them. Yet this is not a good enough reason to stay in one place our entire life.

To move forward, to strive to be our best, to see how far we can go, demands courage, and self-love, yet it also requires compassion. Compassion for those who are too afraid to move forward, and compassion for ourselves when we take a misstep and fall flat on our face. It is our self-love and inner courage that will help us get up, brush off the dirt, and continue on.

Undoubtably there will be setbacks, and challenges. But if we look at these events as opportunities for inner growth then these experiences transform into our strengths. Why our strengths? Because if we take the time to dig deep within the experience we will find the positive lessons that will benefit us now and in the future.

As we have seen over the past few years, life takes courage, yet when we know our self-love is guiding us through each and every day, we then have the courage to move forward, even if it means challenging ourselves as we never have before.


Do you have the courage to move forward toward the best life possible?

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Oftentimes the outside world is a reflection of what is going on emotionally within a person. If they choose to move away from despair, they will begin to see their inner strength come forth to help them work their way back to a healthier emotional frame of mind. With each step away from the darkness a person can begin to feel joyful for their success. Each step forward is a reason to be grateful and joyful. A healthy way forward in life is to seek the love that is the foundation of who you are.

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