It won’t take much to recognize the influencers in our life. These are people who, in some way or another, challenged us to see life differently, helped us expand our awareness of the outside world, or taught us the hard lessons we needed to learn at the time.

I can make a direct connection between my first hike at age eight, influenced by my father, and now living in Colorado at the base of a row of 14,000’ peaks. Yet, I can also see the effect a grumpy, old carpenter in California had on my becoming the best craftsman I could be. Both of these people had a positive influence on my life, although one taught through love, the other, not quite sure.

The question then becomes, how are we influencing those around us? Are we impacting their lives in a positive way? Or, are we forcing them to see the world as we do, thereby limiting the way they experience the world?

It’s funny how we think of influence. We often think of a strongman twisting our arm to comply with his demand. But what if we took an honest look at our behavior, and realized we influence others every time we are with them.

Our words and actions are influencers, yet so, too, is the energy we radiate. Think of being in a room with someone who is angry. Their energy influences the way we behave. We may choose to remain silent rather than speak up for fear of being reprimanded. Or, their energy may cause us to fall back into old, unhealthy patterns of thought.

There is another side of influence. That is, influencing out of love. I’m not saying we should only influence those we love. What I’m saying is if we have a solid foundation of our own self-love, we will have an awareness of the words we speak, and the actions we take.

No matter how another person is behaving, we can always be of love. If they are behaving poorly, we do not have to react to their influence through anger. We can choose to see their behavior as a reflection of what is going on within them. In a case such as this, our positive, loving attitude may influence a better outcome. This may cause them to change their behavior for the better.

Can we take an honest look at ourselves and recognize the influence we have on others? Remember, our words and actions, influence in subtle ways we may not realize at first. To see an example of this, just listen to the words children speak, their words will be an echo of what the parent believes, and the words they use.

Influencers also come in the form of neighbors, friends, and of course anyone with authority. It is important to listen to their words to see if they are speaking from a place of love, or fear. When I use the word love, I mean a deep seated love that has no conditions, or expectations. I’m not talking about a love of power, money, or control with the intention of manipulating others.

One way to tell if we are influencing through love and compassion, is to listen to the words we commonly use. Are these words loving and kind, or are they harsh, and do they cause unrest in those who hear them? Yet, all our words begin with the thoughts we think. Have we been influenced by those who are intolerant of others, or who are kind and considerate. The answer will be found in our thoughts, words, and actions.

If we look out at the world and do not like what we see, are we acting in a way that influences positive growth? Or, are we influencing through our negative behavior? Which benefits the greater good, and which has no lasting benefit. Influencing the world in a positive way begins with knowing how our actions impact the world around us, then using this influence to create an environment founded on kindness and compassion.


Is it possible to recognize the influence we have over others?

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