When Things Don't Work Out


Having gratitude for the things that are working out in life is wonderful. But can we be grateful for the things that did not work out? I remember a time when I had my heart set on a certain job. I didn’t get the job which was upsetting, and disheartening. Not long after, I got a different job that fit my personality and skill level perfectly. I became grateful for the job I didn’t get.

How often have we hoped for one thing, only to have something better come along. Sure, we can be grateful for the final outcome, because it’s easy to be grateful for what moves us forward in a positive direction. But can we be grateful for some of the hardships we have endured throughout life?

It may be challenging to be grateful for our struggles, but if we accept that there are positive lessons in these struggles, we may discover reasons to be grateful. Can we find the positive lessons in our hardships, and then use these lessons to improve the quality of our life?

If we were to take an honest look within ourselves, we would discover a loving source of guidance helping us make the best choices for our well-being. If for some reason something doesn’t work out, we may have had an uncomfortable feeling we have chosen to ignore. This requires an awareness of the messages spoken from an intuitive or gut feeling, while contemplating our course of action.

When I think of the job I didn’t get, I have to ask myself if I had any discomfort about the job? It’s too long ago to remember. If a similar situation were to happened now, I would pay attention to any uncertainty that may arise from a gut or intuitive feeling.

This is not to say we won’t have a brief lack of confidence or hesitation before a new opportunity. I’m saying we should become aware of any thought or feeling that causes us great stress. If you wake up at two in the morning worrying about the choices you have made, it may be time to reevaluate. This is where learning to trust an intuitive feeling is most beneficial.

The thing about the guidance we receive from an intuitive feeling, is the message the feeling speaks is rooted in truth and love. No true feeling of inner guidance will cause worry, hesitation, or higher levels of stress.

If things do not work out as we had planned, it’s possible we have overlooked a feeling of guidance that could have helped us make a better choice. Even in stressful situations that caused us emotional, or physical pain, we are being sent loving messages from our inner guidance.

What does this have to do with being grateful for the things that didn’t work out? If things in life fall apart they may not have been right for us from the beginning. Oftentimes when this happens we were too focused on a predetermined outcome to notice any guidance leading us in a different direction.

The wonderful thing about gratitude is it can be a powerful way to change our life. The more reasons we have to be grateful, the more reasons we will find to be grateful, even if things don’t work out like we had first planned.


Is it possible to be grateful when things don’t work out?

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