Regret and Opportunities


Famed hockey player Wayne Gretzky, is credited with the inspirational quote, “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take”. This quote has many meanings, but it caused me to think about regret. What opportunities do we regret not taking?

If you have ever watched hockey, you can see players shooting the puck toward the goal with no one blocking the goal but the goaltender. Other times they shoot the puck through a crowd of players. Either way the intention is to get the puck in the goal.

How often have we had a clear shot at our dreams, only to hesitate, or hear the voice of self-doubt stopping us in our tracks, thereby missing our chance to follow our dreams? If we wait for everything to be right we may never move forward with our true and authentic desires.

How many shots on the goal did Gretzky have to take to be as successful as he was as a hockey player? Were they all clear, open shots, probably not, but he took the chance anyway.

Chances are good not all of our opportunities will result in success. But all our opportunities successful or not, will result in learning something that will help increase our self-confidence, and our ability to know what is true and right for us.

If we are afraid of stepping outside our comfort zone we may regret never having the opportunity to see our true potential. We could also regret the chances we did take as well. A failure may cause us to regret trying in the first place, so the next time an opportunity comes along we may choose to do nothing.

When we are close to closing our eyes for the last time, will we regret taking a chance that changed our lives for the better? Or will we regret having chosen the safe route instead?

One of the things I have learned in life is not all opportunities ring the door bell and introduce themselves. Many are chance meetings, a tip from a friend, a post on social media, or a search on the world wide web.

When I first began writing, I wanted to get my articles out to a wider audience. I searched the internet for magazines that fit my genre, downloaded their writers guidelines and wrote articles that fit what the editors wanted. I then queried my articles to these magazines.

The querying process was nerve-racking because I had no idea if the editor would like my article. My thought was, no one is reading my writing as long as it sits in my computer so why not try to get them published?

Was I afraid my articles would be rejected, of course. But I knew if I didn’t try I would regret it for years. In a way I created my own opportunities by taking the risk. Did all my queries get a positive response? No, but the magazines that did favor my articles have supported my writing for years.

If we regret taking advantage of an opportunity we will always wonder “What if”? “What if I had…?” How would life be different if….?” I would much rather say to myself, “I’m grateful I took the chance and it changed the direction of my life for the better.”

To live without regrets is to give ourselves the best opportunity for living beyond the limiting beliefs we often hold within our consciousness. If we take a chance and fail, no matter the outcome, we will have learned from the experience. This growth will help us in the future.

Isn’t the intention of life to live beyond our limiting beliefs? To see how far we can go, and what we can accomplish? To know the truth of who we are and then live through this awareness? If we choose to listen to our fears we’ll never know, but if we are courageous enough to take a chance and give ourselves the best opportunities for success we may live regret free.

As it turns out Gretzky scored more goals than anyone else in professional hockey history. How many shots did he take? How many times did he doubt he would score? It really doesn’t matter because it appears he played the game without regret and gave himself every opportunity to succeed.


How often have you regretted missing an opportunity that would have changed the course of your life?

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