Who We Show To The World


It is said, a person tells you who they are in the first five minutes of being with them. This may seem like an exaggeration, but when we are aware of what we are feeling, and what is being said, there might be much truth in this statement.

One thing to consider is how our words reveal to the world who we are. But to take notice of our words, we must first have the courage to listen to what we are saying. Are our words kind, or harsh, loving or hateful?

The thing about our words is they begin with our thoughts. If we are anger, we may just spew venomous words without any thought. If our thoughts create our world, then our words are part of this creation. Good or bad, loving or not, we piece together our lives by the words we speak.

Our thoughts are the driving force behind the way our life turns out. Yet we often think of our thoughts as random things we cannot control. What would happen if we took the time to notice our thoughts? Are they kind, pleasant, helpful? Do our thoughts move us in a positive direction, or do they take us to a place of negativity and darkness?

If we can control our thoughts, then we can control our words and actions. There is a moment in time between what we think, what we say, and how we act. In this moment, we have an opportunity to choose our course of action. Do we act out in rage? Or do we take a moment and choose the right response?

It may not take much to look over our past and see times we wish we had taken a moment to evaluate our reaction. I can think of many in my life where I acted in haste and regretted it later. Yet it is important not to judge ourselves too harshly. Life is the best education we will ever get. We can learn from our past with the intention of being better people for the future.

The challenge becomes one of being honest with ourselves when it comes to our thoughts, words and actions. We can easily justify our unhealthy behavior by blaming our  thoughts and reactions on others. In doing so we deny our responsibility for our own emotional health.

If we create the world around us by the thoughts we think, wouldn’t it be our responsibility to think the best possible thoughts? Thereby creating the best possible life. If we tell people who we are in the first five minutes, don’t we want to use these five minutes to present our best self?

Even with people we know, we are telling them who we are with every word and action we choose. And yes, this is a choice. This choice can be the difference between a lasting relationship, and a short term friendship. A full time job, or just an interim position. Spending lots of time together, or only a phone call every so often.

It may not be that important what others think of us, and at times we use this excuse to speak, or act without thought. It has more to do with who we show to the world. Although we may be angry, are we going to allow our anger to control us emotionally?

In that brief moment between thought and action we have the ability to control how we react and how the situation ends up. If we react without much thought we may lose our self-control and a bit of self-esteem as well.

When we are courageous enough to take advantage of that moment of time we have the awareness to control our actions to maintain our emotional center. It is in this place of center where we are the strongest and most connected to our authentic self. Isn’t this who we want to show to the world in those first five minutes?


It can be tough to remain still to choose how we will react, but this brief moment could be the best thing for us.

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