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Why is it we think we can slow time by rushing around? For some reason we believe that if we spend more time working faster with more energy, we will finish early. In some cases this may be true, but other times pushing our way through life may be a disadvantage.

I have made it a habit to take a nap before a writing deadline. Sounds counterproductive doesn’t it? I have come to learn that if I push an article through the process, I’ll spend unnecessary time editing it into a likable fashion.

By taking a nap before I write, I release any resistance I may have toward the topic. This allows me to write freely, with a clear and rested mind. I’ve also learned that if I am in a relaxed state of being, the writing will flow easily.

When I write, I never worry about time, because I know everything will happen when it is supposed to happen. The pieces will fall into place if I just focus on my writing and not how close I am to a deadline.

Time is a funny thing because when we are moving about our day, without the need to rush or hurry, we have plenty of time. Yet how often is the opposite true? When we are running late for an appointment, the light is always red, we get stuck behind a school bus, or the parking lot is full.

It seems like when we try to push against the clock, the clock always wins. What would happen if we accepted that everything materializes on Divine time? This means that everything unfolds as it should whether we push hard for success, or just allow it to move at its own pace.

One of the disadvantages with forcing our way through life, is we often miss the very guidance we need at that moment. Here is an example. The other day, I was driving on the freeway, a bit late for an appointment, I was passing cars and trucks, assuming I was making up lost time. While trying to remember which exit I was supposed to use, I chose to overtake a truck, just then I realized I had driven past the exit I needed.

If I had followed the guidance, and allowed Divine time to work for me, I would have arrived at my appointment on time and in a relaxed state of mind. I have learned that when in a rush it’s best to go with the flow. Divine time does not need to be pushed or forced in any way. Just look at nature, trees and flowers bloom at the right time. There is no need for force or push in nature, everything happens when it’s ready to happen.

Living by Divine time may be contrary to what many people advocate. Yet how much of your time do you want to spend forcing your way through life. In a sense we may get more accomplished if we slow down and allow Divine time to work for us.

When I was a carpenter, I would watch guys rush as they tried to finish their task early so they could go home. Their mind was focused on leaving the job, not on the task at hand. More often than not, they would make mistakes because of their lack of focus. If they had just used Divine time and allowed the day to flow, they may have had a better day, with the possibility of leaving the site even earlier.

To use Divine time to our benefit, we must step back and realize there are unseen forces effecting the way our lives turn out. If this thought is too challenging, think of this, who tells the trees it’s time to leaf out in spring, or the geese to fly south in the fall? Every being on the planet is connected to Divine time. All we humans have to do to take advantage of this energy is to accept that Divine time is real.

One of the best ways we can access Divine time is to set an intention before anything we set out to do. Rather than pass cars at breakneck speeds because we are late, we could set an intention that traffic will flow smoothy, or there will be ample parking by the entrance to our appointment.

By setting an intention before we begin any task, we are asking Divine time to work for us. This way we can relax and enjoy the unfolding of life as it is meant to be lived.


Have you used Divine time to your benefit?

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Peace and Well-Being

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