The should’s, kept me up last night. You know the ones; “You should…” or “I should have…” The constant thought about what we should do can keep us from sleeping well and living to the fullness of who we are.

The world is a busy place and so are our lives. But can we live a complete life if we eliminate the should’s? Can we allow our life to move at its own pace? Yes, we have things that must get accomplished to live a successful life, but do we have to add the burden of should in our already busy lives?

One of the thoughts that kept me up last night was a decision I had to make. When I followed my gut my choice felt true and right. Although when I thought about what I should do I became very uncomfortable. I know enough about my intuition to know that the right choice did not have a should attached to it.

This can be a difficult emotional place to be, because each decision we make has consequences. By going with what feels true and right we may upset others. But then again if we allow our should to control our choices we are not being true to ourselves.

When we move in a direction that does not feel true and right, we are doing so because we often want to please others. For some reason we believe that their happiness is more important than ours. I know life is challenging and we can’t always do what we want to do, but if we constantly should ourselves we may never see what we are really capable of accomplishing.

Imagine if we had the courage to live by our intuition. With each choice we asked ourselves what was the right course of action? Left or right? Move forward or stay in place? This might be a new way to go through life, but it may be the best thing for us.

By learning to trust our intuition, we may not need to ask others’ for their opinions. This way we don’t have to hear what we should do. We will know what to do by how the thought of it makes us feel. If it feels good we will realize we are on the right track, if not it may be time to stop and reevaluate our course of action.

An intuitive feeling gives us the guidance we need when we are at a crossroad. If we trust our intuition there may be little need to should ourselves in the future. Through this behavior we are moving in a direction that is the most aligned with our authentic selves.

There are some should’s that are beneficial. These are the ones that excite us. “I should go skiing”, “I should ask them out on a date”, or “I should take a nap”. The feeling behind these should’s will feel totally different than the should’s that originate out of obligation.

Like much of life, there will be two sides to any situation. The challenge for us is to feel for the right choice and then move in that direction. When we minimize the should’s that make us uncomfortable, we are more receptive to allowing our life to flow as it is meant to be.

Life is full of responsibilities. Yet when we trust our intuition, we will have the foresight to know what is true and right for us before we get into a situation where the uncomfortable feeling of should takes hold.

It took a bit of time for me to fall back to sleep, but only after I replaced my should’s with the comfort and wisdom of an intuitive feeling.


Can you replace your should’s  with an intuitive feeling?

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I recently had a wonderful conversation and a few laughs, with Brett Wilson of Mountain Zen Den, We talked about the importance of an intuitive feeling, and how journaling helped me discover my inner voice. Below is the link to our conversation.

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