With all that is going on in the world today, it can be a challenge to find a few moments of stillness. But stillness may be exactly what we need. Stillness helps ground us so we are behaving from a place of center and thought, rather than responding through a thoughtless reaction.

Stillness has advantages to our well-being, allowing us to focus during challenging times. We may find stillness in meditation, evening walks, gardening, or just looking out the window while working to silence the mental chatter. We could choose to unplug ourselves from the internet and social media for a while to ease the congestion of our thoughts.

I have days when my meditation is more full of thoughts than when I’m doing anything else during the day. This is where I practice a moving meditation. I often try to silence my mind and find stillness when I feed the horse, and clean the corral.

Writing also helps me quiet my mind, so I consider writing and some of my chores, to be a form of moving meditation, allowing me a few moments of stillness. Is it possible to create a place of stillness while doing the things we normally have to do throughout the day?

Any moving meditation, would bring us into the present moment. I can’t think about anything else but writing while I write. This places me in the present moment, and gives me a sense of stillness. If I thought of other things while I wrote, I would spend most of my time correcting mistakes. There is surely no stillness in that.

Whether we paint paintings, garden, ski or snowboard, ride a bicycle, a horse, or play a musical instrument, we can develop a mindset that opens the door to a place of stillness. Similar to a sitting meditation, any activity requiring concentration can bring stillness into our lives, thereby increasing our awareness of what is going on within us.

Inner stillness is where we are the most connected to the truth of who we are. It is also where we are the most receptive to our loving inner guidance. These powerful aspects of our true self are often over shadowed by the attention we give to what is happening in the outside world.

Think of how it would feel to be in a place of stillness when challenges arise. The guidance would flow easily, allowing the right solutions to come to mind. There would be fewer distractions and we would know what was true and right, by how the thought of it makes us feel.

To arrive at a place of stillness is an act of self-love. Because we love ourselves enough to know that our need for inner peace is important to our overall health. By silencing the chatter, and focusing on what feels true and right, we align with the truth of who we are. This truth is founded on self-love.

It’s interesting how much of our  inner chatter can be negative. This may be because we believe our self-doubt and negative self-talk. By having the strength and courage to silence these negative voices, and sit in stillness, we learn to hear the loving voice of our true self.

As we become more comfortable with our inner stillness, we can disregard any thought that is not founded in self-love. We would not want to silence the birds who sing at dawn, nor would we want to silence the voice of our true self-love. Yet in our self-love we will find stillness.


Is it possible to find a few moments of stillness during the day?

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If we feel we must always justify our choices, we will spend more time trying to please others, than we will doing what is true and right for us. No one knows more than we do about what aspects of our life we need to improve. We can only come to this awareness by observing how our choices have worked out. If we are too afraid to spend time examining our life, we will never see the aspects that need improving.

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I recently had a wonderful conversation and a few laughs, with Brett Wilson of Mountain Zen Den, We talked about the importance of an intuitive feeling, and how journaling helped me discover my inner voice. Below is the link to our conversation.

Brett and his wife Melissa, use nature as a way to help people on their journey for personal growth, and self-development. Check out their website and podcasts for inspiration.

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